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The Miracle Morning Challenge with Olive June Recap

Oh man. We are closing in on the end of September already, WHAT?! This month has completely flown by for me.

Husband of the Blogger LinkUp: Marriage Advice

Welcome back to another episode of Husband of the Blogger! I hope that you've been able to join us in interviewing your own husband and that this series has enhanced your marriage. We all want to encourage you with these posts.

How a Nickname Pushed my Faith Through my Questioning Times

Photo by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash
Nicknames are something that stick with us forever, I feel. They mark a time of our history and bring back memories that either make you laugh, or cry - sometimes both.

If God never blesses again, will you still praise him?

Oh friend, do I have a special treat for you today!!! My friend Amber, of   offered to share some thoughts on God's blessings. Her processing is so beautiful, and such a wonderful thought to ponder in our own lives. It's challenging, but oh, so good! Without further ado...

5 Family Friendly Fall Trip Ideas

Fall is my all-time favorite season - I love the crisp air, the produce, the frosty nights, the bright trees, the golden glow of sunsets...It's especially fun to make memories during the fall so today, I thought I'd share with you 5 trips to take as a family!

Coffee Talk no. 1

It'd be so fun to go meet at a coffee shop, but let's be honest, if we want this to be a regular date it's going to be best if we just meet at my house.

The Miracle Morning With Olive June Check In

I began the Miracle Morning challenge back in August, and I thought I'd do a check-in and share with you how it's been going since then!

Homeschool Progress Check 5

The school year as begun! The neighborhoods are quiet once again; teachers have transitioned to 5 am schedules again, buses are busy bouncing around their routes, kids are finishing new clothes shopping and purchasing crisp new supplies.

The Accidental Nomad Life September Affiliates

I am excited to share a new affiliate with you today, among the group of old goodies! As usual, I like to avoid dropping my affiliate links all over the place, or do wild advertising campaigns all over so I am sharing them all with you here and now.

September Goals | 2 0 1 7 |

Whew. It's September...Last I left you with my goals was June, so today I will touch on those, and dive right into goals for this month.

As the School Year Begins, Thank You, Teachers

I have always admired teachers, never more than after becoming friends with a first grade teacher though! What a blessing it was last year when my first year of homeschooling was first grade - she was so gracious to give me tips and suggestions.