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Husband of the Blogger LinkUp: Meet the Husband

I am so very excited for this new monthly post that I will be doing with fellow bloggers!!! Join us each month when we interview our husbands with 5 questions. Want to join us? Do your post and link up below. We'd love to meet your husband too!

Wear It Wednesday | 10×10 Capsule Challenge

I'm super excited to be joining Shelby for Wear it Wednesday again! We began several years ago, posting regularly on Wednesdays about fashion, in hopes of growing in our own personal styles.

My Kids Are Not An Inconvenience

I started this post yesterday and then scrolled Facebook after creating the image above. What I saw on my news feed just affirmed to me that this post is necessary.

There will be a new home for us

Have you ever noticed that you read a Bible story, or passage and something catches your attention and then all of the sudden, you find that you are struggling with that exact thing?!

The Book of Job Study Club | Passage 6 |

I was surprised, as I read through these chapters, at the attitude Job seemed to be exuding. I obviously have lived with a very skewed vision of Job and his story. The cutesy little kid stories just don't do this one justice as far as the emotion and turmoil of the situations goes.

Thursday Facebook Live Video | About the Blog

How to Raise Ministry Minded Kids (and a few resources)

My deepest, strongest prayer for my children, since learning we were first pregnant with Bennett, has been that they would be tenacious, unbreaking hearts for Jesus. That they would long to serve as Paul did, and that they would have hearts like King David.

5 Verses for Conquering Angry Yeller Mom

I'm really not conquering her...not even close. I'm hoping that through writing my pep-talk and the Scriptures in here today, I'll somehow be a little closer to conquering her though. Won't you  join me?

The Accidental Nomad Life April Affiliates & Big News!

Where did March go?! I feel like I said that all last week too, so that'll be my last time. I wanted to highlight my affiliate companies again this month to alert you of new releases and updated products!

The Book of Job Study Club | Passage 5 |

This week we are going to be looking at the next section of Job and what his friend Eliphaz had to say to him.

5 Easter Ideas to Keep the Focus on Christ (and a couple bonus ideas)

Easter is closing in on us quickly, with only a couple of weeks left before it's here. Perhaps you have been recognizing the Lenten season, perhaps you only choose to celebrate the "main" days: Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday (I almost wrote Black Friday...oops!), and Easter Sunday. Whatever you do, I wanted to offer you a few Christ-focused ideas to add to your celebrating!