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What's in my hospital bag for baby number 4

In the next few days, we will have a new baby. I'm due anytime from now (actually yesterday) until whenever...I'm feeling the 24th...only because I THINK I remember one of the ultrasound dates said that, but who knows.

How to care for bunnies through the heat of summer

As you may (or may not) know, our family not only consists of little boys, but we have little furry creatures that we consider family as well. We have three mini lop bunnies, Paisley, Thumper, and Flower.

The Book Of Job Study Club | Passage 8 |

Plugging right along in Job, it was interesting to read and contemplate this week's passage. Job isn't too long winded, but what he says is overwhelming and disheartening. It's discouraging and really made me think about my own attitude through my trials and struggles...

Preparing for Baby Number Four

It's interesting, being pregnant multiple times. For me, it seems that each time, I dread labor a little more and a little more. I've not had any complications or oddities during my labor and delivery thus far to make the dread feel "qualified..." I know there are many others that have endured so much worse than my labors and deliveries and they continue to add on to their families...

6 Outfits to Pack for Camping

If you're anything like me, packing is always the most difficult part to any adventure. What do you pack, how much do you pack, what is the best to pack, etc... Shelby and I came up with a few great camping outfit ideas for you to try out!

Compared to Who Book Launch and Review

Summer can be an extremely difficult time for many of us, as women. Maybe, even, dare I say - all of us as women. It's a time where skin is flaunted, figures show more than ever, and the comparison game is at the highest of competition...

Simple & Sweet Book Release and Review

When you are at a place of struggling in your life, it can be so difficult to know how to connect with God, or where to start with your scripture studying. I had the honor of pre-reading my friend, Lo Tanner's new book, Simple & Sweet - Practical Tips for Women Learning to Study God's Word.

Hospitality in the Bible

Hospitality is something that we hear a lot about in the Christian community. We are supposed to be "hospitable"; break bread together, open our doors to help feed those in need, etc. So, what does that mean? What if hospitality just isn't my gifting?

The book of Job Study Club | Passage 7 |

It feels like ages since I've opened the book of Job, or even my Bible, for that matter...I had been relying on my phone for notifications and when my phone upgraded, I stopped getting my daily verse and I've been a little dry since then.

How to Nurture a Friendship with Someone in a Different Life Season

Friendship is seriously one of my most favorite things ever. They are all so different and unique - none compares to another. Often times, one of the difficulties comes in when you move into a new season of life and your friends stay back, or your friend moves into a new season and you don't...

So, how do you continue to be friends, even when your life seasons change?

Homeschool Progress Check 4 & Our New School Space

Phew. I'm not even going to talk about April/May. This month I'm just going to share with you some goals, plans for the summer, relay where the boys are at, and show you our new school space!