Something for the Lonely

To the lonely one:

To the lonely one:

because you're not alone.

Although it seems

that no one's there,

My Jesus always is.

No, you cannot see him.

No, he's not to hug,

But call his name

and hear his whisper,

He loves you more than ever.

He is no stranger

to the loneliest of days.

40 days he wandered

alone without a pal.

Temptations of death

of sin and sorrow

He faced and won complete.

He longs to draw you near to him,

to rest you on his chest.

He knows your lonely,

He knows your sorrow,

He's been through it all before.

Call to him,

turn your face,

to my Jesus who already knows your name.

Let him kiss you with his whisper,

let him hold your face.

Call to him

and he will answer

even the loneliest of place.
A Hopeful Hood


  1. Kayla, you write such beautiful poems! What a talent you have. Blessed to have read this.

  2. Crystal, I am flattered! Thank you! In truth, this is the first poem that I have written in FOREVER so I am super encouraged by your sweet note!

  3. This is so perfect for the upcoming Easter season. It truly warmed my heart! : )

  4. Thank you Olivia! I'm so glad that it blessed you! <3

  5. Thank you for this post, sometimes we feel lonely in the midst of a crowd or a marriage. Thank you for this for us to embrace in times of loneliness.

  6. Absolutely! It's easy to feel lost among the crowd no matter where we are. :)

  7. What a lovely poem. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and heart with us at Sitting Among Friends on Wednesdays. I hope we see you again this week!

  8. Thank you Jaime, I was honored to join in!

  9. This is a beautiful, true poem...full of comfort.
    Thank you for linking with Grace and Truth last week.

  10. Thank you, Dawn! Thank you for hosting! <3

  11. So beautifully written. :) Absolutely loved it!

  12. Thank you so much, Bella! <3

  13. so many feelings! <3 love the truth in this letter!

  14. I am so thrilled that you added this to the Open Letters Link-up. What rich biblical truth in such a heartfelt poem! And so creative. In the line "rest you on his chest," I pictured how I bring my sleeping 3-month-old to rest on my chest. What a comfort to know that Jesus is there to hold us close when we are lonely.

  15. This is beautiful! Thank you for this!

  16. Thank you Robyn! <3

  17. Thank you, Julie! That was exactly what I was picturing when that line developed! <3 Absolutely!!!

  18. Thank you, Crystal! Thank you for reading. <3