Why I love having all boys

My mom mentioned to me one day, that a friend of hers had multiple people apologize to her for her only having boys. I was a little blown away by this and was thankful it hadn't happened to me before.

But then I was at Walmart of all places and I was standing in line at the customer service. A friendly lady came up to chat with me while she waited as well and complimented me on all of my cute boys and then as we were leaving she apologized to me.

Now, I find this to be absolutely the strangest thing in the world. How about you?

I am not in the least bit sad that I don't have a girl. I love my three boys dearly.

My husband and I joke together that we won't have to deal with the drama and hormones with the boys (although we know they present their own loveliness). But in reality, we are so thankful for the happy, healthy children that we have regardless of their gender.

We both believe that God entrusted us with only boys for a reason.

As a mom of all boys, I am EXCITED to have only boys.

I have the privilege of getting in touch with my inner tomboy all. the. time.

I am EXCITED to teach my boys chivalry, good listening and relational skills and housekeeping. No, I'm not the best housekeeper myself, but I'm growing. And they will be seeing that and begin to grow with me.

I get to teach my boys to be thoughtful, kind, tender, passionate.

I love the idea that I get to raise them for their future wife.

I mean seriously, what a huge honor is that?!

I love that I will get to play sports with my boys and go crazy in the fan section because my boy is doing great things!

I am not at all concerned that my boys won't understand how to relate to girls. The boys have been exposed to girls all their lives so far because half of our friends have only girls for now... (Rachel Riebe I'm pointing at you here...) :) The boys have grown up playing with girls. Bennett's best ever and forever friend is a sweet girl.

He has learned sweetly how to play appropriately with girls and he has also learned how powerful girls can be and how they can play just as hard and intensely as the boys can.

They will grow up knowing the dynamics of both types of relationships and I believe that they are going to be so well versed in being relational.

I am excited to continue the boy mom adventure and watch my boys turn into men.

With a society so set against men being strong and courageous leaders, I am excited to be bringing up young men that love Jesus, are passionate about a relationship with Him and will grow up knowing that they can be leaders and still honor the women in their lives.

They have an excellent example of that to follow (nudge nudge, husband...).

I love being a boy mom.


  1. This is such a great post and your boys are just so darn cute! My brother has three boys (4, 3, 1yr old) and I have two (3, 1yr old) so our family gatherings are so crazy and memorable with all the little ones. I'm with you, I never felt any sadness about having boys, I just love them to pieces! :)

  2. very sweet, I loved that you mentioned you get to raise them for their future wives! I'm not sure most parents see it that way...I wouldn't have!

  3. Thanks Erin! It's such a fun time, my brother has a boy as well and all four of them just love each other so much, there is such comradeship!!! :)

  4. Thanks Shelby! That's one of the most exciting parts for me. That I get to lead them in how to treat women and how they will stand for Truth. Those two things are absolutely my biggest highlights! :) End goals!

  5. Such a cute post! Your boys are so, so cute. You will have some daughters one day. I love my daughter-in-law and my son-in-law as much as I do my son and daughter.

  6. Thank you Debbie! I look forward to having daughters through my future daughter-in-laws!!! :)

  7. Welcome to the unofficial Mom with at Least 3 Sons Club! You are going to be disappointed, but boys have their hormone moments, too - they just smell worse while having them! Keep up all the good work. It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job raising your three boys to men!

  8. Aw, your boys are so cute! You certainly are blessed to be a boy mom. :-)

  9. Thank you, Bethany! I love it!!! 😊