Journaling Bible ideas and resources

I was pretty early onto the journaling Bible train. I don't remember exactly where I first saw it, but it wasn't painted. I saw an adorable Bible with lines for writing and I was sold. I put it on my Christmas list for my inlaws and sure enough, I opened up a BEAUTIFUL gold, floral ESV journaling Bible with leather spine and corners.

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Now. If you are ANYTHING like me, you got your Bible and were totally lost as to what to do. Yea, it looks like fun to fill the pages up, but what do you do?

It's easier than we make it out to be, I think.

First off, here is permission to COMPLETELY cover your pages, lines, text with whatever brings glory to God as you are basking in His word. The point of a journaling Bible is as an avenue for your creativity. Some people are writers, go - write! Some people are painters, go - paint! Some people are scrappers, go - scrap! Some people are stampers, go - stamp! I know there are more peoples, bear with me!

I read Emily (of Jones Design Co)'s post  one day about watercolor letters and she suggested the Prang Watercolor Set. So I ordered it and then I just dove in. I read a devotion that morning and just pulled the scripture from that to highlight in my Bible.

the-Accidental-Nomad-Life-blog-Illustrated-Faith-Journaling-Bible-ideas-and-resourcesthe Accidental Nomad Life blog Illustrated Faith Journaling Bible Tips and Ideas 1

the Accidental Nomad Life blog Illustrated Faith Journaling Bible Tips and Ideas 10
the-Accidental-Nomad-Life-blog-watercolor-tears-image the Accidental Nomad Life blog Illustrated Faith Journaling Bible Tips and Ideas 8

My favorite examples are the second one and this last one. All I do is picture something in my head that I feel reflects the verse and apply it to the pages. Mostly I prefer to keep the text clean of anything so that I can continue to go back and re-read my Bible but sometimes (like this last one) I like to push my comfort zone a little and explore over the rest of the page with a subtle color. I'll also highlight the verses with color to make them stand out a bit.

Yes, watercolor does crinkle the pages, I personally LOVE it. I am HUGE for texture and having that extra bit is wonderful. I love listening to the sound of crinkly pages.

The other thing that I use for watercoloring is my Stampin up watercolor pencils. They don't sell them anymore but Prismacolor has a set of them. Prismacolor Watercolor Pencil Box or I have heard good recommendations for the Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencil if you don't want watercolor pencils. If you do get the watercolor pencils, I like to use a Pentel - Aquash Water Brush.

The other thing I like to do is apply a little bit of my scrapbooking side. My mother in law got some Project Life cards for me for Christmas this year (she's a stampin up demonstrator so she's all about encouraging my artistic flair!!!) I found the Project Life Notes and Things and I think it would be the perfect set for Bible journaling!!! Here's how I use my little cards:

the Accidental Nomad Life blog Illustrated Faith Journaling Bible Tips and Ideas 2 the Accidental Nomad Life blog Illustrated Faith Journaling Bible Tips and Ideas 3 the Accidental Nomad Life blog Illustrated Faith Journaling Bible Tips and Ideas 4

I like to just staple them on and sometimes use some washi tape to secure it. I love using texture ribbons like this Gleaming Ribbon Sequin. It adds sparkle, dimension and texture to my pages.


For the regular journaling, the BIC Intensity Fine Point Felt Tip Pen is by far my favorite. It writes nicely, it DOES NOT bleed through the pages and it withstands my watercolor (see above photo). :)

the Accidental Nomad Life blog Illustrated Faith Journaling Bible Tips and Ideas 6

My favorite books to use when I do my journaling and quiet time are Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are which is perfect because it highlights one verse each day and they aren't verses that I've heard often or are used in the same way. I love to use the Humbled Hearts Daybook for prayer and Kristin Schmucker's Daily Notepad for all else. And the Bible that I use is the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Antique Floral Design). It's just so much fun.

the Accidental Nomad Life blog Illustrated Faith Journaling Bible Tips and Ideas 7

It's easy for me to really meditate on the scripture when I write it on the notepad, doodle it in my Bible and then paint around it or find something to fit the feeling that it spoke to me.

How do you use your journaling Bible? I'd love to know! Do you have any tips or suggested products for it?


  1. Kayla, these are beautiful ideas. I don't have a journaling bible yet but I'll be adding it to my wishlist. Just today I was talking about creative ways to spice up our time with God and this is definitely one of them.
    Love your pictures, by the way! Pinning and sharing now.

  2. I love these ideas! For a long time I was almost afraid to even highlight or underline in my Bible but I've gotten over that and I love these journaling Bible pages you've shared. Perhaps it is time to invest in a journaling Bible and try it out myself.

  3. Thanks Marva! I saw that you posted that today, I love when God weaves patterns through our lives! :) Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  4. Me too, I always have a hard time breaking in a new Bible, it actually took me at least a year to be brave enough to begin making notes in my journaling Bible but I always loved the way that my mom's Bible pages curled and crinkled with all of her notes and highlights and I want my Bible to be a reflection of how active my faith is and being able to paint and decorate and all that is just such a fun way to show that! :) I'm so glad that I could inspire you a little ! :)

  5. My scrapbooking heart so wants to do this :) So beautiful!

  6. Haha! It's such a fun way to connect the passions in our hearts to our quiet time spent with Jesus! <3

  7. Kayla, these are so beautiful! I've GOT to get into this! I've only done a couple of pages in mine but I think I'm meant to be journaling much more than I am!

  8. Kayla, these are so beautiful! I've only journaled a couple of pages in my Bible but I've GOT to get into this more!

  9. Thank you Michelle! I'm flattered! It's so fun but I find I really have to carve out a good chunk of time in order to do it. Otherwise I just skip over the artistic part of my quiet time. haha! :) I'd love to see some of what you've done!

  10. I love the idea of bible journaling as I start dedicating more time to truly study I will definitely incorporate journaling.

  11. If I could tuck this post in my pocket and pull it out both when I'm at the art store (which is almost never) contemplating what to get, and also when I'm about to sit down with my Bible and have a quiet time, I would do that. Because it's just so beautiful and pretty and inspiring and uplifting. It might be time to pull the pretty back into the morning devotionals. (I'm also thinking of my daughter, who is 11. I think this would inspire her).

  12. I'm so glad that you will add it into your routine,it really is a blessing! :)

  13. Oh Jennie, you just made my day! I am totally flattered! :) I love the idea of getting your 11 year old involved! In fact, there is a NEW journaling Bible that I bet would be perfect for her, it's called Beauty in the Word and they have some pages that are pre-made with art in. It is on pre-release right now. <3

  14. Thank you Michelle! Haha! I really should be doing it more as well, I am so irregular when it comes to doing my artsy-fartsy stuff in there! :)

  15. It looks like you are having a lot of fun with this. I have been using the sharpie fine point. They come in many different colors and don't bleed through. Thank you for sharing with us at Sitting Among Friends on Wednesdays. I look forward to seeing you again this week.

  16. Jaime, I love those ones. They have such nice colors too! :) I look forward to being there again, thank you for having me and for stopping by! <3

  17. I love the idea of Bible journaling but I am so self conscious. I am in no way an artist but now that you mentioned scrapbooking well that I can do :)

    I love when you said "All I do is picture something in my head that I feel reflects the verse and apply it to the pages. " I totally do this but would never attempt to actually draw, I dislike I wasn't gifted in that department,lol. But who knows maybe one day I'll give it a shot.

  18. I really was too in the beginning but you work through it little by little and then you just take confidence from the fact that He gave you the artistic talent that you have and he loves it when you use it - especially in connecting with Him!!! :) I hope you can get into doing it, it is an amazing way to spend a quiet time. <3