Wear it Wednesday | How to Layer for Spring

Ok, so let's get the party juices pumping because if you've been around for any amount of our Wear it Wednesday posts I'm sure you know that I (Kayla - the accidental nomad) am the QUEEN of layers!!! All things layers. I love them.

I layer everything, every day. So I am just super excited to talk about how to layer for spring!!!

WOO - here we go friends!!!

To start off, we are going to do a little baking first (5 layer bars to be exact!!!) :

  1. Graham cracker crust - your base layer - basic top & bottom / dress & tights/leggings

  2. Sweetened condensed milk - your coverage layer - vest / cardigan / sweater

  3. Butterscotch-flavored chips - your flavor layer - belt / scarf

  4. Semi-sweet chocolate chips - your let's go layer - shoes / purse / clutch / wallet

  5. Flaked coconut - your accessories - earrings / watches / necklaces / bracelets
Ok, so what does this whole process look like?

I have broken it down for you:

This layer can be any base pieces, a tank top, a cami, a skirt and blouse, a dress with a pair of tights or leggings - anything that is going to start off your outfit right.

Then you add your coverage. It can be anything that goes over your base layer. I chose a light-weight silk button up for this one but you can make it a sweater over your lace cami or a cardigan over your blouse, whatever fits your fancy. A jean jacket over a dress. Easy Peasy.

This layer will give you a little oomph and accent your existing pieces. Add a belt to pull in a flowy top (I could have added a belt to this outfit if my base layer wasn't a graphic t) so instead I added a scarf. I can take it off if I get too warm or leave it on for a burst of blue color!

Your Let's Go! layer is pretty simple. Add shoes and a bag and you're ready to go. You could finish your outfit off right here. I recently learned that the best shoes for flare pants like these are thick heels, flat sneakers NOT pointed shoes or stilettos!

Our final layer. You can easily finish an outfit off with a few fun, coordinated accessories. I added a layered necklace for under my scarf. Only the longer ones will end up showing but if I happened to take my scarf off I would still look really put together. I added a set of bracelets that coordinated with my shoes and kept it earthy and earrings that do the same!

And there you have it! Do you feel ready to go and put a complete look together?!

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