Having a Biblical Version of the TALK with teenagers

My blogger friend Abbey reached out recently, looking for someone to write a guest post about having a Biblical talk with teenagers about sex.

While this is not necessarily my area of expertise, I wanted to dig in and do some research about it. I desire to have a relationship with my children where they feel they can come to me with questions regarding sex, and while this can be uncomfortable, I believe it really shouldn't be.

"I think part of the reason youth struggle with the peer pressure of it is because it's not comfortable to talk about, but, is it any more comfortable when your teen sees it on TV, or reads about it in 17 Magazine?

We, as Christian parents, should be the first to address sex, openly, and Biblically, in our own homes so that our children grow up knowing it is a safe topic to talk about, because it is something that all teens struggle with. If we are sympathetic, and remember our own struggles growing up, it may make approaching the topic easier.

We can also utilize Biblical resources to approach the subject, keep the topic open (while still private), and allow our children the freedom to come to us when they need help, prayer, or answers."

Head over to Abbey's blog, Small Town Soul, to read the rest of the post!