Coffee Talk No. 2

I'm so excited for another coffee date this month!!! I love coffee dates and encouraging my friends almost more than anything, ever!

Today, I am joining my sweet friend, Lecy, and hostess, Erin, along with several other lovely gals!

If you and I had coffee we'd meet up at the closest coffee shop, or one halfway between us. We'd greet one another with a warm, firm hug and make our way to the counter to order.

I'm longing for a dirty chai and you'd order your latte and we'd make small talk as we waited at the end of the counter for our warm cups; we'd snatch them up, wrap our hands around the warmth, and head to a table as far away from other people as possible. (Unfortunately the cozy chairs by the fire are full.)

As we sit down and get into our conversation, I'd as you how things are going, in genuine concern and interest (because I love you.) You'd fill me in on the details of your life without kids, and your most recent adventures, and ethical purchases.

We'd talk about our work, some of our most recent jobs that have been our favorites, and exciting advances that we've made in getting more clients (since we both do design).

You'd ask how it's going with four and I'd tell you how tired and frustrated I've been lately. Not so much due to having four, but the seasons that we're in. There's been way more wet pants than my nerves are willing to endure gracefully - he just doesn't seem to be caring about it.

I'd tell you how school is going and that it's been so fun for me this year, to grab things according to their interests, week by week. I'd tell you that last week when we were working on our verse in Bennett's journal, he said something like, "I want wisdom in the future." Because our verse said that.

I'd ask you how your family is doing, and to fill me in there. I'd ask you if you've seen our mutual friends recently, and how your last visit with them was.

At this point, I'd check my phone and see that our visit has slipped to two hours all ready and I'd sadly tell you that I should get back home because I'll have to feed the baby shortly, but it was such fun to catch up with you for a bit on my own!

You would agree, hug me once again, we'd walk to the parking lot together and I'd walk you to your car. We'd hug again, and you'd jump in your car as I walked over to mine.

Our chat today was shorter than it was last month, but that's the beauty of coffee talks, they all differ.

What would you have chatted about today?

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