Homeschool Progress Check 6

September was a good month for our school. I was able to attend an informational meeting at the end of August where I learned more about teaching the Charlotte Mason way, and more interest led-learning. The amount of freedom found in homeschooling is wildly spectacular!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to homeschool our boys.

Here's a little overview of how September went for us...

Elliot is fun at school time. It's been an interesting balance of enjoying him being around, and being annoyed that he repeats everything 50 times before quieting down. But he is repeating showing me what he did (which consists of tiny circles all over his page), and he is just so proud of himself for "doonit, mom!"

Parker took off with writing his name! He can ALMOST spell it out loud, but forgets to say the first "r."

Because of the interest-led teaching meeting that I attended, I have been working on being very flexible with the work that they do and instead of trying to meet goals every day, working towards meeting end goals for each of them.

If they are playing nicely together, I have let them continue to play, especially if it's nice out - I'm trying to let them play outside as much as possible before the cold weather sets in. I'm also trying to teach them independence with their work - they each have 4 worksheets in folders that they can help themselves to and if they get them done well, and quickly, they can have the afterwards to play. I'm focusing the worksheets on math and spelling. I have been enjoying pulling the other subjects from daily life and questions they ask.


The boys dreamed up the idea of a camping trip without mom and dad, Bennett even "wrote a book" about their adventure. They BEGGED to do it, and made a meal plan for the weekend and everything.

We told them if they wanted to do it without mom and dad, they would have to pay for all of their food for the weekend. Bennett and Parker sat down together, made a menu for a three day trip, and I helped them pool their money, and make a plan for how much they would need.

Together, they had enough to cover their groceries and we took a walk to the store for them to purchase their own food.

Andrew set the tent up in the backyard, and they slept out their for two nights.


I considered this a homeschool learning experiment since they were outside, on their own, and all the other things they did themselves for this camp-out.

They were so thrilled, I've even noticed a difference in attitudes since we allowed this to happen. I think it was just what we needed for Andrew and I to test their trustworthy-ness, and for them to live up to the expectation that they could do it.

It was such a fun privilege to give them, it'll definitely happen again next summer, I'm sure!

What do you use as hands-on learning events at home?


  1. Hi Kayla, sure enjoyed your boys, such enthusiasm to share what they do. and that little Lincoln is so ready to join his brothers, only 3 mo. Love you
    Grandma Jane

    1. Love you too, Grandma! <3 So glad you popped in for a visit.