5 Fall Social Ideas to Try

Fall time is absolutely my most favorite. The colors are vivid, the weather is cool and crisp, all the girls walk around like Han Solo (what girl HASN'T had a crush on him?!), and the food is so much more savory!

I wanted to share several Fall Social ideas with you today. Hopefully you will find an idea here that will fit within your needs, or your family's dynamics.

My heart beats for hospitality of any kind and I'm learning more and more about Biblical hospitality and how it calls for us to be hospitable to strangers. Here are several ways that you can show hospitality to strangers during the fall:

Warm Beverages

I love doing Caribou, Starbucks, local coffee shops, etc. (any time of the year, really), but there's something special about doing a #mugselfie during the fall. So, here's three ideas for you to extend hospitality to a stranger using a coffee shop as an excuse:

1. Invite someone from church that you don't know, to come and enjoy a cup at your home!

This is an easy, safe way to reach out to a stranger, if you enjoy hosting at your home. It opens up relational building within your own church community, and can potentially develop one of the most precious friendships you ever experience (Rachel...)!

2. Hand your mail carrier/garbage person/delivery person a warm beverage in a cup they can keep filled with a warm beverage!
Their hands get chilled going in and out of their vehicles, I'm sure. Perhaps a hand-written thank you note and a cup of Joe will perk their day up! (You see what I did there?!)

3. A little scarier but ask the person in front of or behind you in the coffee line if they would join you after you pay for their drink.

Look for someone by themselves (often looking lost), a mom with a new baby, an older woman on her own, etc. It could potentially be the start of a beautiful relationship, it's a safe way to reach out in a controlled environment.

A Backyard Neighborhood Bonfire

4. Invite your block to come over and roast marshmallows around a bonfire one evening.

This is a fun way to open your home up to strangers in a safe way as well. You can get to know your neighbors, fulfilling "Love your neighbor as yourself..."

And finally,

5. Offer to rake your neighbors yards.

This is a great thing for your kids to be involved in, and can go a long way showing the love of Christ to your neighbors - a MUST in Biblical hospitality. You never know how much this could bless the socks off of someone!

If you carry out one of these ideas, I'd love to hear about it - either send me an email (kayla<at>accidentalnomadlife<dot>com), message me on Instagram, tag me in a post, or simply comment below!

What ways to you show hospitality to strangers during the fall time?


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