The Miracle Morning With Olive June Check In

I began the Miracle Morning challenge back in August, and I thought I'd do a check-in and share with you how it's been going since then!

Not gonna lie - I've done MAYBE two weeks straight...maybe. But, when you throw vacation in the mix, it gets muddy.

For sure though, when I have been able to get up and get on it, my days are CONSIDERABLY different. Everything goes smoother, I have great peace and feel ready to face the chaos that my children swirl around. I have a greater amount of patience for my kids and their kid-ness.

The thing I STILL haven't gotten to any of the mornings, is my workout. I'm learning what a struggle I have with myself about this, and it's something that I need to focus my morning prayer around, I think. There's some deep heart issues here that I need to work on.

Most precious part of my morning time is my prayer time. I always write my prayers in a journal, it's easier for me to focus that way, and it has just really been a blessing to do so regularly. I CRAVE my prayer journaling time.

I have my coffee, rock Lincoln, read my Scripture passage, journal my gratitude, do my prayer journaling, and finish my time by reading a chapter of a book. It has been delicious and I hope that it really does become a regular habit.

Even on mornings when my kids get up about the same time I do to begin, I have been able to shoo them off by telling them, "Mom is going to finish her quiet time with Jesus, you can go read until I'm done." For some reason, they seem 100% satisfied to do just that and allow me my time.

If you'd like to join along on the challenge, go check out Olive June's post about what we're doing!

What have you found that works for your mornings?

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