Coffee Talk no. 1

It'd be so fun to go meet at a coffee shop, but let's be honest, if we want this to be a regular date it's going to be best if we just meet at my house.

I'm excited to be joining Erin Salmon, my friend Lecy from A Simpler Grace, and several others for a monthly coffee date post. Each month the ladies link up with a deep, heart-felt chat as if they had sat down with a dear, close friend. Right up my alley.

As I was saying, you'd let yourself in, be bombarded with my wild balls of energy and I would hurriedly shoo them off to have some adventure together so you and I could sit down and chat quietly. I'd have a candle burning, perhaps some Brett Dennen radio playing over bluetooth and if it's nice, I'd have the windows open.

I'd ask you what kind of coffee you'd like, and tell you to pick out your mug while I got the coffee maker ready for your brew. I'd offer you creamer, and for it to be frothed, and we'd make casual small talk as we wait for your coffee to warm up. I'll excuse myself for a minute to go warm my own coffee up in the microwave, and when I come back we'd settle into my cozy chairs in the dining room and begin our heart to heart.

We would begin the conversation by finishing up our small talk, me asking you how things have been, catching up on stories and issues that you shared with me the last time we chatted. I'd ask you to finish telling me a story that we rabbit trailed off of earlier, and check in about how things turned out from the struggle that you shared with me previously.

After you finished, I'd begin telling you what a struggle I've had lately to balance my food, eating, snacking, and sweets...I've been really having a difficult time loving myself because I know that I'm gaining weight. Nursing makes me so hungry all the time and I have worse cravings while I'm nursing than when I'm pregnant. I'd also share that I successfully worked out two days last week, but then this weekend just was a throw-away.

I'd share with you that I went through my old photo disks over the weekend and I had so many good chuckles over my albums. I've never looked at them with fondness before now. Up until recently, every time I looked at them, I mourned my lost days, lost people, and lost body image...But this time it was different. It was so fun, and free to look at them. I *may* have posted a few embarrassing ones of friends on their Facebook walls. You probably already knew that - you were probably one of my victims. And we'd laugh together about one of the photos that I found and a story from way back when.

Lincoln probably would want to eat again by now, so I'd excuse myself and change him, then would come back and finish our chat while he contentedly sucked away. I'd share how not tired I've been, surprisingly, and what a good baby he is. Our babies are always good, and easy and we'd talk about the other boys when they were babies.

I'd offer for you to hold him once I'm done burping him, and offer to get you more coffee in the meantime.

After another warm-up, we'd reconvene, shift positions, and begin chatting about upcoming events. I'd ask what other plans you have coming up, and move into some plan idea for us to do again soon.

My older boys would come barreling back inside and want to visit with you.They'd come in, ask to sit on your lap, grab a couple of books, ask you to read to them and pile on while you obliged them.

After a book or two, I'd shoo them off again and we'd make more small talk to fill the silence the wake of my boys left.

I'd ask you how I can be praying for you, and we would go on to talking about what you're going through. I'd listen, and offer suggestions where it felt appropriate. I'd ask questions to understand what you're feeling, and going through, and I'd imagine what I'd do, or how I'd feel if I were in your shoes, to better know what to ask next, or how to pray for you.

We'd finish our last sips of coffee, you'd stand up and straighten your shirt, carry your mug to the sink, and offer a goodbye and thank you for the date. I'd give you a hug just before you walked out the door, and I'd follow you with a baby in my arms and three little guys in tow yelling, "See you later Alligator!"

You'd answer with, "After a while Crocodile," as you slid into your driver seat and close the door. We'd stand there, watching you back out of the driveway, wave as you accelerated past the front of the house, and walk in when the back of your car disappeared down the road.

What would a coffee date with you look like?


  1. Girl... I've been in a snacking mood lately. I'm sure it's the seasonal change because I always crave Halloween candy and Thanksgiving dinner once the weather turns cooler. I would LOVE to snuggle your little one for a bit. I adore babies and he is precious. So glad you were able to join the date this month! :)

  2. Yay, it's great to see you join us for coffee! I really do love meeting up with people for tea/coffee and a chat, and online is better than nothing at all. I've been struggling with healthy eating and exercising recently too, ever since I started working full time. I think it's just about having grace with ourselves in these seasons.

    And I love the idea of meeting your wild balls of energy! If of course we didn't live on other sides of the world :)