5 Family Friendly Fall Trip Ideas

Fall is my all-time favorite season - I love the crisp air, the produce, the frosty nights, the bright trees, the golden glow of sunsets...It's especially fun to make memories during the fall so today, I thought I'd share with you 5 trips to take as a family!

Andrew and I celebrate our anniversary in the fall and since it's so pretty here in rural Wisconsin around this time, there are countless events that go on. Overlooking the events that happen, here are some creative trips and adventures that you can take with your family to make some special fall memories and gorgeous autumn pictures.

1. Apple Orchards

Apple orchards are a HUGE thing in our area at this time of year (mainly because the apples are ripe for the picking) but also because of what an amazing backdrop they make.

My mom likes to plan a day each October to go to an orchard for family pictures. Last year it ended up just being my sister in law and little ones, my mom, and myself. They had several things for the kids to do there outside of apple picking, and it just made a really nice afternoon outing for the 8 of us!

2. Pumpkin Patches

This kind of goes without saying, as does the apple orchard, but if you really want to make a day of it, map out several patches to visit! There are different things to do at each one - the ones around us get creative and do hayrides sometimes, pumpkin carving, petting zoos, etc.

Sometimes orchards and pumpkins collide and you can find some that do both!

3. Find a Landmark to Visit

One year for our anniversary, Andrew and I decided we wanted to do a little day trip, so we researched places we'd never been to within several hours of us. We found "Wisconsin's Castle" and planned a trip out there. 



Needless to say, castles in Wisconsin are unimpressive - it ended up being just a memorial for some mailmen, but the trip there was SO worth it.

4. Tree Viewing Trails

To celebrate the crisp season, plan a back-woods drive (maybe somewhere you've never been) and let yourselves get lost on the back roads. Slow your drive down and appreciate the beauty of the glowing season. Stop by a free park and let the kids pick colorful leaves and flowers and press them when you get home. You can make a mini-memory book with the pressed flora and fauna - it'll be something the kids treasure for a while!

5. Camping

Just because school is in session, and the weather cools down, does not mean that the camping season has to be over. Personally, I love camping in the cooler weather better than the sweltering heat. Cooler weather makes for better cuddling, more togetherness at the campfire, and good reason for cocoa and sweaters in a camp chair. Plus, the kids will LOVE sleeping in a tent when the weather isn't as warm. It makes a great adventure!

Is there anything you would add to my list? What special things does your family do in the fall?

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