The Miracle Morning Challenge with Olive June Recap

Oh man. We are closing in on the end of September already, WHAT?! This month has completely flown by for me.
Today I'm doing a recap of how the last month went with the miracle morning challenge. In case you missed it, you can read the intro post here, the mid-month check in here, and today I am sharing the end.

I began the month really strong, vacation got thrown in, the weather changed...I can use all the excuses, the fact is, I didn't end on a strong note.

However. I see a lot of good changes as a result of beginning the morning challenge. I began to view my mornings differently and it began a spiral of waking more graciously and patiently.

I have been able to make time even in the midst of the chaos of the kids, to at least read a Psalm and journal a quick prayer. That in itself has been a beautiful blessing.

I found an Instagramer recently that enhanced my morning experience with some thoughts on a post:

Set my alarm for 5:55 AM, so, of course, Theo woke up at 5:53. And then he squawked and woke up Honor. So my attempts for a few minutes of peace and quiet wth the Lord this morning were foiled by two of the little boogers, er, blessings I was getting up to pray for. And I was mad about it for a good two hours. Just irritated and self-righteous and all-around huffy about how hard my children make it to be godly up in here. 🤣 Somewhere in the middle of my pity party, the Holy Spirit tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I think I said 'pray without ceasing' and 'rejoice in the Lord always,' not 'limit your holiness to peace and silence.' Nobody guaranteed you a 'quiet time,' so quit acting like you have rights, die to yourself, and serve those children!" #wellallrightthen #familybiblereadingherewecome #juststartsomewhere #hardisnotthesamethingasbad
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I totally resonated with "Nobody guaranteed you a 'quiet time'..."

It's so true, no one guaranteed me that, as a mom. And no, I don't have the "right" to a quiet time, it's something that makes my day easier, yes, but it's not something required to be a patient, gracious mama. That's Jesus.

And so, that is how I am approaching my mornings from now on. I do not have the RIGHT for a quiet time, my kids are my life and I can die to my selfishness enough to cheerfully greet them even when they "interrupt" my morning.


  1. awe, i love the grace and whispers of the holy spirit and have enjoyed following you online. i totally agree that it can be so hard - hope you get some peace and enjoy those cute kids. xo

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