Husband of the Blogger LinkUp: Marriage Advice

Welcome back to another episode of Husband of the Blogger! I hope that you've been able to join us in interviewing your own husband and that this series has enhanced your marriage. We all want to encourage you with these posts.
Join Rebekah of Hargraves Home & HearthAmber of Embrace this Joyful Life, Bella of Over the Teacups, and myself and interview your husband! You can also join our exclusive facebook group, or just pop over to each of the ladies's blogs and say hi.

Andrew and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary this month so this topic is pretty fitting for reflection! This month we are talking about marriage advice from our husbands...Here's what Andrew had to say:

Advice From Our Marriage

1. Based on our marriage, what advice would you give to a dating couple?
Don't get married!
My insulted response!!!
His cracking up...
I'm just kidding!
I'm just kidding!
But Seriously!
Staring off into space, thinking...
I would say...have a full understanding of how each other views and handles money. I feel like a majority of our arguments is about money.

2. If there is one thing about our marriage that you feel needs work, what is it?
Laughter because of previous question's answer!
Handling money!
Being on the same page. I think if we were both on the same page as far as what we need when.

3. What, as your wife, can I be doing better in our marriage?
Pft! Nothing. You're perfect!
Well, you could make me lunch more consistently.
Is that seriously it??!
I keep the kids in line, you keep me in line, I get dinner when I get home, the laundry's always done, about 50% of the time the bed's made. I guess, if you wanted to start doing my chores - mow the yard...trails off.

4. What is one thing that you feel you need work on, as a husband?
Nothing, I'm perfect!
I bring in a paycheck!
Better communicating my thoughts.
Are you saying that because it's the textbook answer for men?
No! I mean, I make all these plans and then I can't get mad because I never voice them to you.
Hey! Maybe you should put that up there (see question 3): Be better at reading my mind!

5. What is the best thing about our marriage that you feel everyone should experience in theirs?
I dunno! Everyone's marriage is so different. 
I guess...I enjoy that we enjoy each other's company so much.
Like - we want to do things together. We want to travel together, and do things together and we enjoy each other's company and conversation.

I hope that you ask your husband these questions, or men, perhaps ask you wife these questions in reverse! They are questions that might reveal a lot about your marriage, and perhaps show you something you could work on. Be sure to prepare your heart with Jesus, for the answers, so that they won't cause a fight.

Let us know if you do ask them, and how the conversation went!

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