Husband of the Blogger LinkUp: While We Were Dating

What fun to reminisce with our husbands about our dating life! Andrew and I talk frequently about our dating life - they are such fun memories, and it's so fun to hear his thoughts about that time in our lives!

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While We Were Dating:

1. In your opinion, what was the most memorable date we had?
Playful banter going on about how hard the questions are going to be - he asked if they would be sports questions because he can answer those. I said yes and dove into the first question: 
Oh no! 
I don't remember like any of them! 
Valentines Day when it was 30 below zero and thea heater in the car wouldn't keep up and you were in a tiny little dress and like 6 blankets in my car! 
*chuckling continues*

2. What do you remember as the worst date we ever had?
Pft. No date with you was the worst!
We've never...*trails off*
Have we ever HAD a bad date?!
*sits contemplating for a while...*

3. What was the most special thing about our dating relationship that you are thankful has carried into our marriage?
It was always so easy.
It's just so easy for us to be together, laugh about the little things and the big things.
Just that we can come together and just enjoy each other in all we do, whether it's easy or hard or with screaming children
*gets up and gives grunting baby a paci for emphasis*

4. What is one thing about our daring relationship that you miss?
Having no children and just being able to go and do whatever we want!
*laughs again*
I can't be spontaneous any more!
(WHAT?! You were spontaneous before, where was I?! Just kidding, the guy thrives on spontaneity - he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO not a planner!)
I gotta line things up and a lot of times it doesn't work, then I'm like, "Aw crap!"
(This is WAY too true - he's totally a last minute, "let's do it!" kind of guy. Like our recent trip to Miller Park - a 5 hour drive with 4 little children.)

5. If we could go on any kind of date and do anything on that date today, what would it be?
*thinks deeply with furrowed brow*
There's so many possibilities!
*thinks more (thinking is deep because) nostrils begin to flair*
Well, we were just talking about going to all the different ball fields together, and I dunno.
Just something fun like that and...
Then something that involved a hotel room later.
*pauses and watched me for a reaction*
(I didn't give him the satisfaction - I kept on writing his answer!)

So that was fun! We have so many conversations like this, but it's still so fun to just let him talk. I enjoy hearing what he has to say on the spot, it makes him uncomfortable to be interviewed like this, so the answers that I get are extra fun to hear.

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Until then,

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