As the School Year Begins, Thank You, Teachers

I have always admired teachers, never more than after becoming friends with a first grade teacher though! What a blessing it was last year when my first year of homeschooling was first grade - she was so gracious to give me tips and suggestions.

I also learned how much of herself she gives to the kids in her class each year. So, in light of knowing that, although my children do not go to public school, I believe that teachers deserve a BIG thank you!

Dear Teacher,

I see how much you give:

Boxes of colored pencils stack your desk,

Notebooks pour off of your shelves in all colors of the rainbow.

I see how much you love - 

What patience you must have for 18+ children not of your flesh.

How much you pour into the supplies; 

Your brightly, smartly covered walls.

The books that stack your walls full of information and stories,

How much you give to fill your classroom 

With material to learn from.

Your planner open on your desk,

Anticipating the last day of In-Service

Before class begins.

The thrill and heavy excitement

That covers the first day of school.

I see the time you give;

I see the love you have;

I see the passion in your heart;

And I want to thank you!

In honor of school starting and our teachers, I created this little printable for you to give to your child's teacher. Feel free to print as many as you'd like to for the important leaders in your child's education.

Enjoy, and good luck on your first day of school everyone!


  1. Thank you for writing this! I've just started full time teaching and I'm already feeling a little weary, so this encouragement was just what I needed.

    1. Awe, Bella! Thanks for reading! I'm so glad it encouraged you. <3