Meet my Warm & Coztea Co-Hosts

When I first began blogging (inconsistently like 3 years or more ago) I was really craving connection. Often times, you see bloggers build upon their relationships with other bloggers and it's so fun to see them emerging successfully next to one another.

That's what I wanted.

I never got least at first. Over the last year (since getting on Facebook) I have developed relationships with several quality women that also blog. I'd like to introduce them to you today since they are my very first Warm & Coztea Exchange Co-Hosts!!!

Let me begin with Shelby:

Since I have known her the longest. Shelby blogs at about life, recipes, fashion, working from home, living displaced from home, and other genuine lifestyle ideals.

Shelby and I met when I first began blogging during the Write 31 Days challenge, October 2015. I was drawn to Shelby's blog because she was writing about being a pet photographer. As a photographer (at the time) myself, I REALLY wanted to connect with another photographer so that we might encourage one another.

I don't remember exactly how it happened, but our friendship blossomed (probably because we have a lot in common) and we began video chatting weekly. Which we have continued to do ever since. It's been a nice break in my week to chat with another adult face to face.

Shelby and I also developed our own fashion series, and from there we wrote an ebook over this year.

I really admire Shelby's adventurous spirit, her bubbly friendship, and her genuineness. Here are a few of her posts to check out:

Let me introduce you next to Julie!

I co-hosted Julie's Open Letters Link-up with her earlier this year and have really enjoyed following her on Facebook! Julie blogs at all about life, motherhood, marriage, DIY's, recipes, and more.

I love Julie's gentle spirit and genuine love for Jesus. I've never met Julie in person, but I feel like she is a quiet, gentle, confident that truly appreciates when she gets a genuine answer to the question, "how are you doing?" And maybe that's why I'm drawn to her so, because I love getting a real answer to that question too.

Here are a few of Julie's posts to get to know her a little:

Next up is my sweet friend, Lecy.

I met Lecy through the Peony Project, a Christian blogging group on Facebook. I guest posted about Bible journaling on Lecy's blog and a friendship just developed naturally.

I love Lecy's honesty, genuineness in her posts, her friendly spirit and her openness about her struggles. She has a heart to help people with similar struggles and she does an amazing job of sharing graciously on her blog. My favorite part about Lecy's blogging is her series, If You and I Had Coffee... I feel like we are good friends because of how she shares in these posts. It's fun to have an imaginary coffee date with her!

Here are a few posts that I feel represent Lecy's blogging well:

Lastly, let me introduce you to Abby.

I went through the list of these amazing women in order of who I met first. To be perfectly honest, I haven't developed a friendship with Abby, but I feel like I have because I have been a part of her facebook group, Healthy, Happy Homes. Abby blogs at

Abby blows my mind with all of the things she does. She has a GORGEOUS blog, she is highly involved with her kiddos, she writes devotionals, study groups, has a print shop, and more. She's a wonder woman for sure! :)

I have so enjoyed being a part of Abby's group, she is very intentional about what she shares and posts and is so encouraging. I am so honored that she agreed to be a co-host with me this year.

Here are a few of her posts that I thought you would enjoy:

Thank you, to each of you amazing women for being my co-hosts this year, I so enjoy being on the blogging journey with you and I just really appreciate following each of you. <3

Please leave some love for these girls on their posts and in the comments here letting them know how excited you are about them too!


  1. What a fun group of co-hosts--I feel so honored to be included in such a great group! (And thanks for including those post links even though I'm the WORST and never sent them to you!)

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Kayla! I'm honored that you thought of me to be one of your co-hosts and so excited to connect with the other hosts as well. It's going to be a fun tea exchange! Happy New Year! <3

  3. Awe, you're so welcome! I love having you along. :) I'm really looking forward to it!!!

  4. It really is a fun group, isn't it?! I love that all of you have something for everyone through your blogs. Haha! Not a problem, it was fun to go through your blog!!! :)