How Tea Makes Me Feel Good

Happy Wednesday. Today should be a Wear it Wednesday post, but Shelby and I have backed off a little and are taking a short hiatus to reassess what we are doing there. So today I wanted to share about something I'm SO EXCITED about!!!

Tea does make me feel good. Especially since baby #4 came to be...I can't do coffee any more and honey ginger tea has been a nausea vice. (Hallelujah for ginger tea!!!)

Tea is hydrating, when you drink herbal teas you can reap all sorts of benefits. My favorite tea remedies are a sinus helper herbal tea, honey ginger for nausea, peppermint for a warm evening kick, berry teas for during the day when I want something warm and sweet.

If you don't add sweetener, you get an all natural warm beverage that doesn't make your stomach churn and over work (if you get my drift...), it doesn't give you the jitters after 4 cups, there's WAY more variety than there is for other warm beverages...

Two years ago I joined in a mug swap and my sweet partner sent me a Harney and Son's tea that quickly became my favorite EVER. It's so spicy and delicious!!! Not to mention, the gift that she sent me was so timely and perfect, it's just a really special memory.

And that prompted my beginning the Warm & Coztea Exchange! I joined in a couple of swaps that year and they were so fun, I wanted to host my own. This year marks the third annual swap and I am so excited for it!!!

Registration will be open on January 3rd and go through the 9th so there's plenty of time to sign up. Packages will need to be shipped on or before the 19th so that everyone will receive their gifts before January 31st.

Join the Facebook Group to interact with other members, get extra giveaway entries - oh yes, there's a giveaway going on too!!! Post on social media to get extra entries and more interaction and to share with everyone what you're packing, when you're shipping and so many other fun things along the way.

You can share these posts on Instagram if you'd like to, be sure to tag me and use the hashtags, #warmandcoztea and #warmandcozteaexchange.


If you are a fellow blogger and you feel like your readers would be interested in joining, I'd love to have you co-hosting. As this is my first year, there will be some kinks to work out, but it'd be so fun to get regular co-hosters!!! Send me an email and your media kit and I will get you connected.

Be sure that you are subscribed to the blog so you will receive special notifications. Read all of the rules here and get notified when registration opens by signing up for my newsletter below.

Until tomorrow,

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  1. What a fun idea! Tea is so good for you and I love all the different flavors you can find. There is something for everyone for every occasion.