A Thanksgiving Letter 2016: To Parker

Continuing on with my Thanksgiving letters, today is to my middle son, Parker, as the title suggests.

(If you missed any of them from previous years: you can see the first year here, the second year to Bennett, Parker, Elliot, and Andrew here.)

Dear little Parkey:

You are hilarious, head strong, stubborn, obnoxious and so very enjoyable! All of your funny little tactics keep life so interesting.

I love seeing your determined little heart for loving your brothers, for how much you admire and look up to your big brother Bennett. You love fiercely when you love and it's so fun to watch that develop for your brothers.

You love to learn, it's been so fun to have you beg to do school while Bennett and I work - it's such a joy to include you in our lessons.

You're such a sheister, you get into everything and it makes me crazy, but maybe one day God will use that obnoxious trait to do amazing things through you!

You are the funniest little thing and we are constantly in tears because of your comical antics.

Your creative little mind is always coming up with something new and entertaining to do, say, or pretend.

My heart is so full of joy with you in my days - I'm so thankful for you!



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