A Thanksgiving Letter 2016: To Elliot

Today continues with my Thanksgiving letter series to child number three!

You can read the letter to Bennett here, and the letter to Parker here.

Dear Elliot,

my sweet, bubbly, playful boy! I am so thankful for the joy you bring to our family each and every day. 

Your smiles light up the room and your giggles are contagious. Watching you run circles shouting, "go!" every day makes my heart burst of happiness!

You love your brothers so much but you little stinker also love to harass them!

I am so thankful for your sweet snuggles, how you love to be rocked and read to. The way you gibber your prayers at the table and grunt at your brothers for not folding their hands and praying along with Daddy!

It is such a blessing to listen to your vocabulary grow every day, the funny way you squeal your words out and burst at the seams when Daddy walks in the door!

I'm so thankful for your loving spirit, the way you light up when you see your little friends in nursery and when Graham comes in - what a blessed friendship to have!

You are a blessed joy in our family!



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