A Thanksgiving Letter 2016: To Andrew

I love writing these letters and glancing back at the previous years to see what progress was made.

(If you missed the other letters this week you can read Elliot's here, Parker's here, and Bennett's here.)

Dear Andrew,

It seems that every year leaves us with a whole new pile of struggles, challenges, and difficulties. Ones that stretch us, strain us, and teach us but we always seem to come out stronger and closer.

I'm so thankful for how hard you work to provide for us. For the ways that you fight to make sure that you're doing enough for us.

I'm thankful that you have a soft heart for following God's plan for our life.

I'm so thankful for what an amazing daddy you are. It makes my heart so joyous to see you with the boys.

I'm thankful that our friendship is still strong and always growing - you truly are my best friend!

I love holding conversations in movie quotes, and the way that you snicker at me and roll your eyes when I tell a pun or joke! ;)

I'm thankful that we have the same heart for hosting and hospitality - what a fun partnership we have to minister to our friends and family!

I'm thankful for the ways that you encourage me and push me to move forward with things that I want to do.

I'm thankful that we've made it though the last 7 years together and I look forward to the rest of them!


Kayla Jayne

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