Wear it Wednesday Style Personality Activity

This is the Wear it Wednesday Style Personality Activity, by taking a few days to answer these questions and evaluate your closet, you can begin to create a wardrobe for your mom lifestyle, professional lifestyle, work from home & on the go lifestyle! In determining your style needs this is a wonderful time to pick out what details and styles you lean towards. All this is helpful when assembling a capsule wardrobe!

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Question 1. Who’s style do you try or want to emulate? Don't have a muse? What are you drawn to when shopping?

I’m drawn to casual easy to wear styles, I am a function over cutesy details...until I find something so cutesy I have to have it but struggle to wear it because it’s not entirely functional for my lifestyle. I’m drawn to skinny jeans, casual loose-semi fitted tops and unique details, fun colors and I love neutrals. -SC

I created a Pinterest board of my style icon since I didn't know who, I did a search for "style icon" and just pinned away at all of the different ladies that came up:

I  had a really strange mix of ladies, from Olivia Palermo to Jennifer Lawrence. Overall, I am drawn to casual comfy - a little bohemian twist on things - and especially things that have unique features (random zippers, crocheted details, buckles, floral patterns, etc.). My color scheme is a pretty, rich, jewel tone with colors like Navy, Bergundy, Plum, Olive, and White. -KN
Question 2. Look at your FAVORITE style photos on Pinterest, Instagram, your photo roll and write WHY you love those looks. This is important if you love the print but hate the cut…

My favorite styles involve jeans. If you have an outfit that makes you feel complete, or is your personality emulated, take photographs of it from every angle, does it flatter all parts of your body? -SC

Shelby Style

My style changes a little bit from season to season and because of that, I have a Pinterest board for each season: Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring, and I pull patterns from them when I am working on putting a seasonal closet together. I try to keep to outfits that include things that I already have and thus, only need to purchase one or two new pieces each season. Right now, we are coming into fall in the midwest so here is the collage of outfit ideas that tickled my fancy: -KN

[caption id="attachment_2322" align="alignnone" width="2550"] all of the photos were saved from pinterest, to find the original sources, click the image - it goes to my Fall board where you can find each of the places for these outfits![/caption]

Question 3. Now, create a list of 5-10 pieces that make you happy:

  1. Crochet detailed tops

  2. Casual comfy tees- graphic and plain

  3. Functional cargo jackets with pockets

  4. Dark Wash skinny jeans

  5. Detailed tank tops

  6. Great pair of neutral flats

  7. Chambray everything

  8. Cardigans & Vests

  9. Shift dresses

  10. Ankle Booties

  1. Zippers

  2. Comfy, moveable denim

  3. Flowy tops

  4. Everything olive green

  5. Anything Elegantees

  6. Easily seasonally interchangable

  7. Crochet details

  8. Slip on low/no heal shoes

  9. Scarves & fair trade accessories

  10. Boots with low heals
Question 4. Go into your bedroom, open the closet and identify what you don’t currently wear in your closet and WHY

I DO NOT wear: body con dresses or midi skirts- No Occasion & I’m petite that is not a style I am into.
I DO wear: casual pieces- for my casual lifestyle

I DO NOT wear: anything fitted or formal. professional very often...
I DO wear: "church appropriate" pieces, easily transitional pieces, move-able things.

Question 5. Describe your style in a few keywords:

Classic, casual, comfy, effortless, everyday, fitted, neutral, uniquely detailed...-SC

Mom-life, churchy, transitional, textures, floral, jewel toned, casual...-KN

Question 6. What do you NEED and don’t...i.e., formalwear, professional wear:

I don’t wear professional wear or formal wear it’s not an important or currently part of my life. As a work from home stylist and fashion blogger, comfort and effortless fashion is key for me. -SC

I gravitate towards pieces that I can wear summer and winter with layers to transition with. I wear things that are ok to get dirty with kid snot, poop or food - whatever it may be day to day. I don't wear formal or professional things often - I have minimal opportunities for them. -KN

There are essentially 6 types of styles-

Romantic: blush, lace, flirty feminine fits, fit & flare dresses, florals

Classic: blazer, button down, neutrals, houndstooth, chinos, A-line

Casual: California casual, denim, soft knits, sneakers, loose & roomy

Preppy: Americana, Stripes, polka dots, monograms, chevron

Edgy/Grunge: Leather, fringe, stud details, dark tones, moto, asymmetrical

Boho: loose fit, crochet details, native inspired prints, bright earthy colors


I have found that I am totally Boho-Casual. A pretty strong mix of both. Follow us on Instagram to get ideas, inspiration and daily wear photos!

Which style do you gravitate toward? What do you like or dislike about each of these images?

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