Wear it Wednesday: Making color work for you

Shelby and I both agree that it’s so difficult to try and fit into one of the seasonal complexion boxes. I have deep green eyes and dark hair - all the girls that have green, green eyes like my own have strawberry red hair. I do not. I have dark features, light skin and bright green eyes that sometimes reflect blue but most often are green. It breaks all of the seasonal color rules that I can find and I feel good in colors that “they say” I shouldn’t wear.

So, let’s look at colors that you love and feel amazing in. It’s different for everyone. Throw out all of the “rules” that you’ve heard and just think about the colors that you tend to gravitate to.Don’t count black, white or other neutrals - look at the COLORS that make up your wardrobe.

My wardrobe consists of Black, White, Olive Green, Burgundy, Plum, Rusty Orange, and Navy. So on the color wheel we'll say, Yellow Green, Red, Violet, Orange and Blue. My outfits typically end up being complimentary or split complimentary. -KN

High Contrast Color Mixing:

Analogous Color Scheme:

 Complimentary Color Mixing:

 Monochromatic Color Scheme:

Mixing neutrals and jeans in is the easy part. If you know what colors work well together and are confident in combining different tones and shades, adding neutrals and jeans is the easy part. Once you master the art of color mixing, your jeans outfits and neutrals will be rock solid.

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