Wear it Wednesday: how to dress Body Shapes

Kayla & I are sharing some practical fashion advice over the next several weeks to help you dress your best self! Body Shapes are the first step in evaluating how to best dress yourself. Knowing your shape helps you understand what areas to flaunt, avoid and what pieces will give you structure or a slimming look!

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Women come in a variety of shapes, despite what the media says we are all beautiful and wonderfully made. We just need a few tips on how to dress our individual bodies, today we are talking about our shape, and how to determine our shape. Take a moment to read through all the shapes and spend some time evaluating which best describes your body. We believe we all have 2 shapes; a primary & a secondary. Shelby is a rectangle primary but if she doesn't lay off on the cinnamon rolls, she is a pear secondary; mostly in the hips & thighs. Be honest, give yourself some grace and be open to trying new things!



As an apple body shape, you tend to carry your weight in your midsection between your bust and hips with slimmer legs and arms. Apples tend to have a flatter bottom and are not curvy like an hourglass.

You need to follow your bodyline- avoid details around the bust, tummy and hips. Keep detail in the top and lower thirds of your body.

Apples, ought to flaunt their legs, which are amazing and their arms, while avoiding their midsections.



A Pear body shape, carries her weight in her hips, butt and thighs. Giving her a full bottom and lots of curves.

You need to balance your top half with your lower half by incorporating pieces that broaden your shoulders.

But let’s start with your top half, bright bold prints and colors are perfect for drawing attention to your top half and away from your curves. Pick jackets and blazers with, shoulder pads. Yes. You need the added definition to your top half, it’s ok trust me!



Rectangles, aren’t curvy between the shoulder and hips, and are virtually straight from the shoulder to hip. They also tend to have a smaller bust and less noticeable waistline.

You need to create the illusion of a waist.

Rectangles, you commonly have trouble looking girly. You tend to have a smaller bust and a not so curvy bottom. The rule of thumb to help you determine if you are a rectangle is are your shoulders and hips the same width with little difference in your waist and butt.



Strawberry or Inverted Triangle tend to have wide shoulders, bigger bust, smaller waist and hips and sometimes suffer from a flat butt.

You need to keep your top half uncluttered and need pieces on your lower half to broaden your hips.

This shape tends to be blessed in the bust, you may have broader shoulders and small hips, waist and butt. Here we want to focus on giving you a wider hip, to create overall balance to your top heavy figure.



Hourglass figures have a strong defined waistline with a decent bust and sometimes a wide shoulder and curvier at the hips and butt.

You need to wear shaped & fitted lines in order to follow your body’s natural curves, but be careful not to add bulk to your natural lines.

Hourglass everyone wants to be you, whether we say it or not, and if you read all the other body shapes then you know everyone else is trying to balance their figures in an effort of emulating yours.

Try tops with side ruching and gathering at the waistline, for added interest.

Want to know more about your body shape? Our ebook, Dressing your Best Self is available on September 28!

Next Week: Determining your Style!

**drawings by Kayla from The Accidental Nomad Life

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