Stitch Fix Review #2

I got my first Fix almost a year ago already (yes, it has been THAT long in between - it's possible!). I am not a common shopper, I don't do it often - usually I do once in the spring/summer and once in the end of fall to update my winter wardrobe (IF I even go then) so when I do get a Fix it's a special occasion!

Anywho. I received my second Fix and I requested Shelby again, because she's amazing and you have to support your friends, right?! Yes. :)

Shelby gets me. She knows exactly what I like and she pulled ideas from my pinterest board:

S he does a really thorough job of going through pins, finding common threads among them like light-weight, flowy, casual dresses (was the theme of what I requested). I checked no on everything but dresses so I had a pile of them to try on and decide between. *SPOILER ALERT* I only got to keep one. :( I would have kept them all if I could have. Another time maybe.

I am super excited about a trip that I am taking in July, I get to go on my first official "adult trip" - meaning all by myself - to North Carolina so I was shopping for dresses that I could wear traveling and out and about. Here is what Shelby found for me:

41 Hawthorn - Kassidy Faux Wrap Dress

Good: I really loved this dress, I loved the color, the way I felt in it and the way it flattered my body.

Bad: It was a little more formal/dressy than I was going for with this fix.

Gilli - Lonny Knit Dress

Good: This dress it the perfect, light-weight, breathable, casual summery dress. I don't typically do stripes like this but I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone to try new things.

Bad: I'm heavy - obviously. While I am fairly comfortable with myself, my most difficult part is my belly and it shows in this dress. (It's difficult to hide in any straight-fitting piece.)

Market & Spruce - Korinne Dress

Good: Oh man, this dress. I felt AMAZING in it, I love the colors, the pattern, the fabric, the fit - every bit of it!

Bad: It was still a little bit more formal that I was looking for, I had a hard time with the way the waist would sit (I think it would be fixed after a washing), and I didn't have a lot that I could wear with it for extended seasons.

Gilli - Betheny V-neck Knit Maxi Dress

Good: Good Golly I love everything about this dress, the fit, the flow, the colors, the fabric - GAH! I love it!

Bad: I tend to be on the warm side of the spectrum and this one would be much too hot for me in a hot, sticky climate and it was a little more formal than what I wanted still.

Market & Spruce - Ralphie Romper

Good: I have been longing for a romper for a long time and Shelby knew it! :)

Bad: I am not crazy about this pattern and the problem that I have with rompers (why I don't have one yet) is that I have yet to find one that doesn't look funny on my belly bulge. Although this one may have been the winner in a different pattern.

Ok, so since I loved all of them, how did I decide on just one?

Very carefully.

But seriously. I let them all sit over night and tried them all on at least three different times to narrow it down. It came down to these two:

What I had to do in order to make a decision was try all of my favorite sweaters/cardigans on with both of the dresses. The one that I could wear with the most of my other pieces would win...

Drum roll please...

Winner winner chicken dinner, the Lonny Knit won. I WANT to get to a point with my body where I'm not afraid to wear a straight fit dress and this will challenge me to do so, it will also challenge me to be comfortable in myself. Plus, I mean come on - it's stinkin adorable with ALL of my tops, right?!

I'm really excited about my choice, although that white and blue one holds half of my fashion heart, I think this one is the best choice that I could have made right now. I can wear it frequently, dressed up or dressed down, it's going to be a comfortable one for traveling in and it's a nice, light-weight that I can layer-up!

Thanks so much, Shelby, you always do an awesome job!

If you're interested in getting a Fix for yourself, you can use my referral link and when you order your first Fix, I'll get $25 towards my next one! Be sure to request Shelby Clarke in your comments section and she will fix you up right (get it, fix you up - Stitch Fix?!). ;)

Happy Weekend, friends!

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