101 Ways to Have Fun book review

As a teen I was always looking for "something to do." I remember wandering around the house going, "I'm BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED..." I never felt like I could have fun by myself but then when a friend and I FINALLY got together, I had no idea what to do then either...

I was super excited to grab the book, 101 Ways to Have Fun by Faithgirlz and give it a look-see! I started working with the youth group again and I have been so far removed from "youth" for so long that it's been interesting to get back into it.

Reading through 101 WtHF brought me right back and reminded me of my youth days. ha! Like I'm SUPER old or something, nah!

But really, there are some amazing ideas in here that are very current, youthful and simple to do with a friend, by yourself or FOR a friend.

There are 9 chapters in this book each packed with multiple ideas of what to do within the chapter category. The "Just for you" chapter has ideas to do on your own: fun things like, take a bitty vacay, find your inner sparkle, and become a fiction aficianado... There is a chapter for BFFs, Friends, Makeovers and even a money-making idea chapter!

Books like 101 Ways to Have Fun were a favorite for myself and my friend, Lindsey as we were growing up. They just always had so much innocent, fun, memory-inducing ideas in them!

I definitely recommend this book if you are a teen girl, pre-teen or if you are the mama of either category. It's a great one!

I received this book free for review from BookLook bloggers. All opinions are my own.

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