Currently I am... summer edition

As I am currently on a summer-ish hiatus I thought it might be fun to do a currently I am post. I did one before and it was kind of interesting to look back at that one!

Currently I am...

reading: Even More by Jennifer Mills & Rachel Lovingood and Brave Enough by Nicole Unice! Also, coming up for review is Hope Unfolding by Becky Thompson.

playing: a video chat with Shelby!

watching: a video chat with Shelby. ;)

trying: to wrap my head around everything that seems to be going on in my life right now!

cooking: nada - the husband is grilling!!! LOVE this season!!! :)

eating: pretzels and hummus - yummo! ope. and now M&Ms, so you know.

drinking: water.

calling: well, Shelby and I are on a video call...but I talked to my mom before that!

texting: Lindsey again. And Shelby. And Jenny last night!


tweeting: whatever I Instagram...I linked my accounts. Convenient, huh?

crafting: I made a little teepee for the boys. I am also going to work on redoing a couple of chairs that I have for on the porch.

doing: scheduling blog posts.

going: to Jenny's house to go swimming tomorrow and my cousin's graduation party!!!

loving: my new group of girls at church - i am just so honored to have the time with them to dig into the Word of God. What a blessing!!!

hating: all of the ick going on in the world right now.

discovering: new beauty in every day.

enjoying: newfound freedoms in Jesus and the Bible studies that I'm working through.

hoping (for): my coming stitchfix - here's to everything fits me beautifully!

celebrating: Lindsey's birthday month.

smelling: nothing. our house smells like nothing. ok, maybe my deodorant...

thanking:the girls from the retreat for blessing me with sweet and thoughtful cards - that speaks my love language!

considering: what to pack for a trip to North Carolina coming up in July!

finishing:feeding the kids all of the afternoon snacks. what fun... ;)

starting:a new job doing freelance work at home!

What about you?

Hey Shelby Clarke, I think you should do this next - you've been nominated Girl!!!  <3

Thanks for reading,

<3 Kayla

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