Dear July

July has always been my favorite month. Yes, it's home to my birthday. But really, I just love the festive feel that July brings. Summer is in full swing, summer camps are going on, bonfires, camp outs, fireworks, people, friends, family, bbqs, swimming, trampolines - yes, so much of this happens during other months too but July has a special kind of magic over me.

Dear July
Your days are long and festive
the sun begins at 5:30 am
and ends after 9 pm

Dear July
You draw friends and family close together
with the late night best friend chats
the last marshmallow dripping from the stick
the splashing, squealing, sticky faced child
soaking up the hot sun rays

Dear July
You bring celebration and activity
by fireworks bursting all night long
over the lake reflecting the colors
and elongating the sounds

Dear July
your hours are filled with simple pleasures
like the birds chirping during day
the frogs and crickets at night
the fireflies lighting up the evening dusk
and damp grass sticking to bare feet

Dear July
You bring an electricity of excitement
a burst of life during the sweaty days
a dream of romance as the sun goes down

Dear July
You make the dance of summertime
joyous and light
tailgates and country music
festivals and county fairs
farmers markets and beach days
the list goes on and on

Dear July
the celebrations are endless
the festivities not rare
packed with heat and busy-ness
your days are to be celebrated

Dear July
thirty one days is not long enough

Dear July

Happy July first everyone! <3

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