Book Review: Spark Joy by Marie Kondo

No matter how you know me, I'm sure you are well aware of the fact that I'm a SLIGHTLY messy person. Ha! Not so slightly. I live in a mess. Mostly. I try to keep things organized but my piles have a way of overcoming me to the point of discouragement.

When I saw that I could grab a copy of Marie Kondo's book, I was ecstatic to read it and review it. When I received it, I realized that it was the SECOND book and there was NO way that I would make it through the second book without having gone through the first. You don't HAVE to go through the first book before the second, it was just my preference. Call it an OCD thing, if you will.

Anyways. I almost didn't go through either book because of a phrase that she said in the beginning of one of them. It struck me kind of hautily and it made my feathers stand up (if you know what I mean - crazy chicken girl here...), I don't even remember what it was now.

Anyways. I ended up continuing to read and although I have not gone through her process step by step, the grace that she had shortly into the book for people like me who feel like we "rebound" had me in TEARS: "'You see, I can get it clean like this in just thirty minutes,' she said. 'But when I'm busy, I tend to leave things out. I rebound like this two or three times a month.' In fact, this does not count as a rebound. This is just temporary clutter caused by not putting things back in their place on a daily basis. Rebound and clutter are quite different. Rebound means the state where things without a designated storage place begin inundating your home all over again, even though you tidied up completely, once and for all. As long as everything has a place where it belongs, a certain amount of clutter is not a problem."

It has made me look at my own mess differently. I can't wait to REALLY dig deep into this book and go through it again a lot slower to follow her steps through my home. I made a lot of progress between our three moves over the last few years but, there's still a lot that I have to go through, especially since my interests and self-time has changed so much, I think I can probably get rid of a lot of the crafty things that I have and don't use anymore or ever. I have made great progress with my closet over the last few months too due to my interest in fair trade and ethical fashion as well as capsuling.

Here you can see an excerpt from Spark Joy:

I actually have the journal now and am going to diligently go through her steps and guidelines and keep up with the journal as I do!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


  1. I've had to really apply some of the lessons from both of Kondo's books into my everyday life. I am a pile maker - except I never do anything with the piles after they are made. These books were life-changing for me and now I'm happy to live fairly clutter-free. Loved reading your thoughts on the book!

  2. I totally am too. It was good to get my place back in order this weekend and to reflect on how easy it was to actually do since I have worked so hard to find a place for everything and continue to work at eliminating the clutter. :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reading! :)