Catching Up

It's been a little quiet here the last few days, I don't know if you noticed or not but I didn't get my post up on Friday...Sorry about that. I am finding myself in another transition phase right now. Blogging has been an amazing tool that God has used to re-spark who I am in Him. Writing has been a gift that has allowed me to process my heart and sort things out. I hope that it has encouraged you to read my processing.

As I have come to the end of finding and dealing with my past issues, I am feeling called away from blogging. I will still be doing Wear it Wednesday with Shelby and I will still post once or twice more a week. I do love writing and encouraging by meeting you here weekly so I won't let that go but there are other places that I am called to focus on more right now.

I will still be guest posting frequently as well. In fact, this week, I am going to be over on A Simpler Grace sharing about Bible Journaling (here's a peek):
Lecy and I have both recently gotten into Bible Journaling and we thought it might be fun to share some ideas with you.

I had a really hard time beginning - just knowing HOW or WHERE to begin was my biggest problem. And then knowing WHAT to do. I'm sure you've seen the immaculate, gorgeous pages that Illustrated Faith has posted.

It can be a little intimidating to begin. I made a fun little printable that you can use to guide you into your journaling time!

I recently was introduced to the SOAP study method. It consists of Scripture: read it & write it so you retain it; Observation: look at what is in the passage, who is it addressing/referring to; Application: how can you use it in your own life?; and Prayer: if it's a passage that can be prayed, pray it, otherwise pray that you would be granted what the passage is talking about.

Be sure to subscribe to Lecy's blog so you don't miss out on anything she has. I love her Friday posts where she shares a summary of what she's been into for the week!!!

I recently took a position with the Lulu Tree ministry, doing some of their graphic design. It is an amazing ministry and they are doing incredible things as Jesus's hands in Africa.

I will be leading a Bible study with the young ladies of our church's youth group this summer!!!

Even More 40-Day Experience for Girls from LifeWay Students on Vimeo.

I am so excited, I cannot wait!!!! This book was written by the same authors as the book, Salvaging my Identity which I have referred to often.

The changes in my seasons that I see taking place right now are so very exciting for me - I am just so amazed at the way that God leads our paths. I can't wait to dig deeper and share more of this adventure with you over the summer.

I have also just taken a contracting design position for a business owner that goes to our church and I am looking forward to having a side job!

As you see, lots of good, good changes taking place. I promise to come back at LEAST once a week beyond my Wear it Wednesday post and update you on everything and share stories from time to time!

Have a blessed week, friend!

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