3 ways to elevate your jeans and tshirt outfit!

We are just filled with great ideas to make your summer wardrobes work for you this month!

Last week, Shelby shared about how to mix patterns well, the week before I shared about how to add some color into your otherwise neutral wardrobe and today I am sharing three great ways to elevate your regular jeans and tshirt look.

These ways can be applied to any outfit that you wear if you work from your basic outfit (bottoms & top/dress)!

First, probably the most simple and effective way is to just add a statement piece:

Add a Statement Piece

You can add anything from a necklace to a hat to a really great bag!

You can add outerwear like a blazer, light cardigan or a vest...

Add Outerwear

I added a blazer to a tank top and shorts outfit to give it some class:

You can also amp an outfit up by just adding a vest:

Add a Vest or a Light Cardigan

To make an outfit feel finished, you need to use a "completer piece" like the examples above. Other examples would be adding a light cardigan, a hat, a light jacket or a scarf. For warmer places in the summer you can easily substitute the jeans out for shorts or a skirt. A tulle skirt is a great addition to a simple tshirt to take the class level up a notch!

What is your favorite way to elevate your tshirt and jeans look?

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