Baby Number Two - Sunny Side Up

Since May is Mother's Day month, I figured why not share all of my delivery stories with you now and get them out of the way? I always think they are so fascinating to read - every experience is so different for every person and every baby.

It's strange how foggy everything gets with the "in between" kids. I remember calling in to the hospital a few times, actually a week before he came with excruciating back pain and the nurses said they expected I'd be in and they'd have everything ready for me.

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I didn't end up going in that time.

Our friends were over, we were having game night and we ordered pizza. I wasn't feeling very good, just kind of blech. Andrew was working and my contractions were really strange feeling things. They weren't intense, they were seemingly regular braxton hix but more of a pinching feeling - which had been normal thus far.

I was a couple of days past my date and we were outside playing football, raking leaves, enjoying a fairly nice November day.

Andrew called, he was bored at work and wanted to check in. Remember the other day when I mentioned that he's in tuned to me better than I am?

He knew.


Also, he just wanted to leave work, but he told his boss that I was in labor and headed home. He wasn't entirely wrong. Baby would be coming.

So we got Bennett all tucked into bed, played a few games or watched a movie, don't remember which...Contractions began to come fast and my back was hurting really, really badly. We told our friends that they were free to hang out but we would be leaving for the hospital.

We packed up the Blazer (oh I loved that Blazer.) and took off. We made it in and I was not very far along yet, much to my chagrin. I was at a 5 or a 6 and progressing seemed to be taking F - O - R - E - V - E - R...My mom kept notes once she got there though, which is amazing:

If you don't have a photographer come during your delivery, I would absolutely encourage you to have someone note-taking like this! It is totally wonderful!!! :)

Things that were different with this delivery from the first delivery ways definitely the spot that I was at personally. With baby number one, I could not handle touching from anyone. I felt so bad, I wanted Andrew to hold my hand or rub my back but I DID NOT WANT HIM TO TOUCH ME. With this one though, Andrew and I had come so far and gone through so much only getting drawn closer together and it helped to have him touching me. To have his arms around me, to have his hand to hold this time.

The other thing that was COMPLETELY different with Parker was they way he was positioned. Bennett was a perfect little peach and got all set, in exactly the right position and Mr. Parker. Man, I honestly believe that the way they come out predicts their personalities...Parker Norman was turned the wrong way (which the Dr suggested was what was causing my immense back pain) with his face up instead of down. Hence the "sunny side up" in the post title.

Regardless of all of that, our Parker Norman was here.

Our Parker Norman, 6lbs, 5oz, 20.5 inches, 2:15 am, November 11, 2012

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He was healthy and so perfect. How is he today? Oh, you can look up the search, #parkernorman and see for yourself. ;)

He was such a perfect, little fuzzy pipsqueek! <3

I stayed the full time in the hospital again, only because I was tired. I was better prepared and I was tired. Did I mention I was tired? ha! Sweet little bug. It's amazing how quickly time goes by. I feel with each one it goes a little faster and a little faster...

The crazy thing is to see your "baby" all of a sudden be this huge being next to your new baby.

Bennett wasn't too sure about Parker after we had been home for a little while but it hasn't hindered their growing up as best buds at all. Such a blessing to have two little boys that love each other so deeply. Bennett even brought Parker as his show and tell one day. Sweetest thing ever. I'll have to share that another time, I have it on a snap chat video.

How was your second delivery different from your first?


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