Ways to mix capsule pieces for a week

A couple of weeks ago I shared about another fun new challenge that I would be starting in April, remember?

If you don't, that's ok! I joined in with a bunch of other fabulous ladies to do a 30 day closet challenge. We chose 30 pieces to wear for the next 30 days creating different outfits! It's been so much fun so far. I have been posting daily on IG, some of the girls just post a couple so you have to head over to their blog to get the whole scoop, it's just a ton of fun. My favorite part of this challenge has been the relationships that are forming in only a few days.

I find the Instagram community just such an amazing place to connect.

I did a little collage of all of the pieces that I'll be wearing for the next month:

If you are not on Instagram here is a recap of what I have worn this week+ (they go backwards beginning at day 8):

We would love to have you join us, it's SUPER simple. Just choose 30 pieces from your closet (not including shoes, lounge wear, outerwear or accessories) and start posting photos of your outfits until the end of April! Use the hashtag #spring30for30 so everyone can see your style sense. I have done clothing challenges in the past and I always learn something new about myself and find a new confidence in my body shape or self-worth. Not to mention it's SUPER fun when other people let you know what they LOVE about your outfit or you find out that someone has the same sweater as you!!! Or you can just tag along here on the blog if that's your jam, on Instagram via the hashtags: #spring30for30, #kaylas30for30, #kaylascloset30, and of course on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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