i wrote a letter to my husband yesterday and last year i wrote a letter in one post to each of my boys. this year i am separating them and today i am writing to my firstborn.

my first guy is five this year already (where does the time go) and it’s been an interesting one. he strongly takes after his daddy and i have had a really hard time this year catching on to the best ways to handle things to fully benefit bennett. that being said, here’s my letter to him:

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Bennett, my first baby. I have made a lot of mistakes through your first five years. You throw new things my way every day and I am glad to take them on and endure them with you.

I am so thankful for what a polite young man you are becoming. Only five years old and the most common compliment I get is, “what a polite boy.” Everyone says it. You are so sweet and polite.

I am so thankful for your thoughtfulness. You are just the sweetest little heart. I may not always know how to speak love to your heart in the best way possible but it makes my heart melt to hear you ask to buy something to give to someone else. My heart knows how to speak gift giving and I get giddy hearing that in you as well.

I am so thankful for your kind words. You speak love frequently when you tell me, “mama that’s so pretty” or “you look so pretty mama.” I know that you speak these words to others as well and I just love it.

I am so thankful for how well you do in school. I always thought it might be better for you to be in a school environment than at home with me. I am thankful that we have VCS to be sending you to and for Grandpa being so generous as to paying for your tuition.

I am so thankful for your help. Only five years old and you race to open doors for mom and your brothers and helping to take care of Elliot in ways that a five year old brother can. It blesses me. Your eagerness to do chores at home is such a blessing. I know that it will be huge in your future.

I am so thankful for your love of reading. One thing I do know that we will be able to share all of your growing up is a love of reading. I love sitting with you on the couch reading to you, or reading to you at bedtime when we have the chance.

Bennett, you are so special to me, I am so thankful that you are my firstborn and I am just all around thankful for you and who God made you and is shaping you to be.

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