Wear it Wednesday | Volume 20: All the Stretchy Pants

stretchy pants for thanksgiving? yes, please!!! last week on wear it wednesday shelby gave us a few stunning outfit ideas for thanksgiving and today i am giving you some smashing stretchy-pants outfit suggestions because grandma knows we on the scwanke side stuff ourselves till our buttons pop...not really, but you know that feeling?


there's nothing worse than being so uncomfortable and having no breathing room around your waist so i wanted to share some ideas of appropriate stretchy pants outfits. (if you read jen hatmaker's book, for the love - you know that leggings as pants is a no-no but there are exceptions and i share the exceptions here in our wednesday post!)
up first is our stylish yet comfy thanksgiving outfit:

wear it wedensday stretchy pants ideas by the creative jayne

stylish yet comfy consists of a pair of yoga pants (can't beat those), a trendy, slouchy sweater with a cozy winter scarf and a pair of on-point fringe booties!
next up is our make a stretchy statement outfit:

wear it wednesday stretchy pants outfits by the creative jayne

this outfit consists of some flattering leggings, a simple fitted t under a long, cozy sweater with a comfy fringe scarf. add a shnazzy pair of ankle booties and a trendy wallet and you've got yourself a great, easy thanksgiving outfit!
third we have the "make mom happy thanksgiving outfit":

wear it wednesday stretchy pants edition by the creative jayne

this one has a pair of striking palazzo pants, a cozy, loose-knit sweater with some grand accessories, a trendy fringe purse and some comfy sneakers.
fourth is probably my favorite outfit, the "stay stylish stretchy pants thanksgiving outfit":

wear it wednesday stretchy pants edition by the creative jayne

this one has an awesome shirt dress over a pair of knit leggings in an analogous color scheme, a warm scarf and some striking accessories finished off with a trendy pair of ankle booties.
and lastly, for our more edgy girl, the "rock the thanksgiving look" look:

wear it wednesday stretchy pants edition by the creative jayne

my favorite part of this outfit is that amazing pair of faux leather leggings (how fun would THAT be on thanksgiving?!) and to compliment it (and keep modest and appropriate with leggings) a long loose-fitting tank top with a buffalo plaid button-up and lumberjack boots. match it with some accessories that have been made out of artillery (yep, that's right, bullet casings) and you've got yourself a wildly edgy thanksgiving outfit!

what do you think, what stretchy pants outfit is your favorite? what will you wear this thanksgiving?


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