day 9 – How to Plan a Party: decor

we are getting so close to having your whole party planned out!!! did you get all of your invitations mailed out yet? get on that friend - don't delay the invitations. today we are going to be discussing decor, good ideas, not so good ideas and how to have the most smashing decor while keeping a low budget!!!


i have mentioned it a few times but simplify. the less you stress your self out about decorating and the rest of the party the more you AND your guests will enjoy your time together.

you can see some of my most favorite ideas here.

let's begin with your tablescape. you can keep things simple:

how to plan a party decorations by the creative jayne

for thanksgiving a couple of years ago i used paper plates, gold napkins and just a few gourds. it made a really elegant, reasonable holiday table setting.

i created a mantle of sorts from a shelf and made my own chalkboard by mixing acrylic craft paint and some plaster of paris.


for my sister in law's bridal shower my mom and i used things we had on hand or things that we could make on our own:

Caitlin's Shower_3

the only decor we have on this table is the crates, a few scrabble tiles, an engagement photo, the word banner that i created and some ribbon - otherwise my mom pulled things right out of her home.

for bennett's first birthday i made a lot of the decorations from scratch:bennett's first birthday decoreations by the creative jayne

so, if i haven't given you a few ideas from here, or if you couldn't find anything on pinterest, you may just want to hire someone to do your decorating, or hey, don't bother to do any at all, it is just more stuff after all. people are sure to enjoy themselves with or without a lot of floofloo decorating!

what will your decorating style be for your party?

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