day 10 – How to Plan a Party: games

whew! are you tired of planning your party yet? you shouldn't be, i'm hoping that by going step by step like we have done for the last week that it took some stress off of you and made things a little easier to go about the whole planning process. today is probably the easiest of the party to overlook or do poorly...

party games. whether you are planning a bridal shower, a birthday party or a holiday party, games are a big thing. i know so many people (myself included) that just don't like party games. personally i feel like they are too cheesy or tacky and they make me uncomfortable.

my hope for today is that i share a few new games, ones that aren't awkward and that everyone can enjoy!


let's look at holiday parties to begin with. we host thanksgiving and usually the football game is enough of an entertainment factor that we don't need anything and christmas is hosted by my grandma and the fellowship there covers it BUT when we have our friends over for a christmas party i like to find games that are a little different.

last year i wanted to play a bunch of minute to win it games but i just didn't have enough time to put them together. instead we played a bunch of games for teens (yea, teens and yes, we are all in our mid twenties) they were fun, different and entertaining without being uncomfortable.

so the point of that is, don't overlook things because of age, you never know what you are NOT grown out of yet!

as far as birthday parties go, we may have a very unique group of friends because we laughed until we (i) almost peed our (my) pants at a game of pin the hat on jayne (firefly fans give me hand, i drew a photo of jayne cobb and MADE his hat out of paper - like 15 of them- to pin to his head) for one of our friend's birthdays. it was EPIC. the best part was my husband and another of our friends stuck them PERFECTLY on top of one another. i was dying!!!!!

for the kid's birthday party i plan on doing a pin the mustache on ron swanson...a little adult entertainment and a game for the kids! ron swanson everyone:

[caption id="attachment_1554" align="alignnone" width="250"]click photo for source click photo for source[/caption]

think outside of the box when it comes to games. people always appreciate a little bit of salt and originality - it peaks interest.

for my sister in-law's bridal shower i did a few really simple games and that was when my aunt mentioned how much she enjoyed them compared to the usual games. here's what i ended up doing:

how to plan a party he said she said game by the creative jayne

he said she said was a huge hit and everyone seemed to enjoy it, even the bride! we also played a round of personalized bridal bingo - i didn't design it the best, we had many multiple winners but everyone had fun with it regardless!

i had an appreciation hostess party for my Noonday Collection hostesses earlier this summer and instead of a game i did a fun little craft project. we made these planters and i had gotten a few discount plants from walmart, $1 bowls and some ceiling hooks to gift them with. the girls really seemed to enjoy that too.

your party doesn't have to have an actual game to be a success, any kind of entertainment will be appreciated!

what kind of games or entertainment do you like having at your events?

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