day 8 – How to Plan a Party: menu

we're back again today with our #31daysofpartyplanning! wooooohoo! today we are talking about menu planning - a personal favorite of mine! ;)blog-series-how-to-plan-a-party-like-a-mad-genious-by-the-creative-jayne

so, we have completed the overall plan here, we went over guests and inviting here, today we are going to make a good plan for the food.

when i plan food i always begin by finding something that will fit well with my theme. i then think of things that i normally have in my cupboards and what i can do with those as well as add to and enhance them.

how to plan a party like a mad genius blog series by the creative jayne

go ahead and run over to pinterest and begin pinning some food ideas to your party board. if you need some good ones here are some generic options...keep in mind, simple.

simplify, simplify, simplify.

i cannot stress it enough. the more simple, the less stress for you and the more you and your guests will be able to enjoy your party!

i am doing a lumberjack theme for the boy's birthday and we usually end up with somewhere around 20 people at their parties between our family, close family friends and the boy's friends - my heart overflows every year to see how many people love our boys so much that they come to a little kid's birthday party.

so, planning food for 20 people: i have to incorporate young children and adults. my original idea was for my husband to grill steaks, burgers and hot dogs but that really shoots costs up and takes longer than would be ideal. also, harder to plan for more or less. my husband mentioned doing a couple of soups - an idea that i love - so glad i married him (for all his good ideas that is)!

then you should have some simple hors d oeuvres. some veggies, crackers and cheese. i usually get the most simple, the most uninteresting appetizers just because our people don't care, they just like being fed free food. :)

as far as drinks go i usually get just a couple of kinds of pop, a pitcher of ice water, milk and a fun drink for the kids. a fun way to serve drinks is the never failing mason jar, small milk jars or a stylish paper cup with a paper straw (you can find a few ideas here).

go ahead and make your grocery list on the party planner printable. i usually go shopping a day or two before depending on what i need to make and how long each dish will take.

have fun, this is totally enjoyable if you don't let yourself stress about it!

what dishes are you going to serve at your party?

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