5 on Friday | 5 Springy Family Activities

I love spring, so fresh, new and brilliant. My family always looks forward to the outdoor weather here in the Midwest. So much excitement is in the air then. Today I have a few ideas of things to do during the spring weather no matter where you live!

1. the Zoo! This is absolutely one of our very favorite things to do as a family. The boys love the animals and mom and dad love that it occupies an entire day and wipes the boys out by the end of it.

We have two excellent zoos fairly close to us:

the creative jayne 5 spring activities como zoo

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory is free which has really made it a treat for us during our time of financial hardship.

the creative jayne 5 spring activities mn zooMinnesota Zoo is a paid zoo but it's totally worth the money to get in. They have a great variety of animals and even a few things to do inside the park. Our boys love the farm which is funny because we could see one for free but you get to pet the farm animals so it's understandable!

2. Fishing!!! My boys are all about fishing. They love it so much. For Christmas my dad got Bennett a little sized pole that had a foam hook and foam fish to practice with. They love it.

the Creative Jayne 5 on friday spring family activites

3. Berry Picking - we haven't done this as a family yet but now that Andrew will have consistent weekends off, our boys will LOVE going and picking berries.

the Creative Jayne 5 on friday spring family activites3

This can cost you money if you want it to, otherwise it could be fun to just go and observe the plants together. Usually a pint is only like $3-5 so if you can spare it, it's worth it!!!

4. Farmer's Markets - I LOOOOOVE taking my kids to the farmer's markets around here. It's so fun to go and get fresh produce and flowers and let the boys pick it out and even talk with the people that grow it.

the Creative Jayne 5 on friday spring family activites4

I know a lot of Farmer's markets may not open until May but some open a little earlier and you can usually find things like tomato plants, honey, syrup, flowers to plant and more. It's neat to see what people do with their skills and their time.

5. Mini Golf - another reasonably priced family outing. Something the little ones can do, it's low-key and entertaining. We have several mini golf options around our parts...

the Creative Jayne 5 on friday spring family activites5

What about you, what does your family like to do as soon as the nice weather begins?

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