Thrive Event for Moms

Have you heard of Thrive Moms yet? I just love them. I follow them on Instagram and am always so encouraged by what they post. They were a big part of what inspired me to begin a local mom's group through my church. They are hosting a "retreat" coming up in May and I am just so excited about it!


I signed up to attend as soon as I heard about it, an online retreat that I could watch from my home?! OH YES!!! Shortly after I pitched the idea of a mom's group and shared Thrive Moms and the girls loved the idea of hosting the event at church.

So now I am working on posters, put an announcement in the bulletin and will be getting ideas together for coffee treats and whatever else. I am so excited to be hosting this even for the ladies of the St. Croix Valley. The movement in our church to serve the different parts of the Christ family is just so exciting.

I am so honored to be a part of this movement and love where God has me serving right now. I am even more excited for this retreat as it will come shortly after we kick-off our mom's group and hopefully draw in more mamas and give us a deeper connection as a group.

My prayer for this is that the right moms come (right being all of them) but the ones that this will bless so thoroughly. Just wash a wave of relief over and speak directly to their hearts. Join me in praying for this even and for the moms that I am anticipating coming. I am also praying that God would provide someone for childcare for the day. I believe that his hand is on this even and the right people will come forward.

Have you ever hosted a big event at your church? Any tips or ideas for me?

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