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Hi friends!

So Kenna and I spent a good chunk of time on Friday night developing ideas to do a monthly bundle. I have been inspired by other designer's bundles and wanted to develop something for myself. I got to thinking and decided it couldn't be more fun than to work with one of my biggest inspirations and combine efforts.

the Creative Jayne // November Monthly Bundle

After a short time we chose to focus on our faith rather than home and schedules and menu planners. It opens up our client base ten-fold because this will not only be applicable to moms but to college girls, high school girls, even middle school girls that just want to dig deeper or have something to focus on and follow each month.

We are still in the very beginning stages of production we don't have samples to show you yet but we will have this ready for sale in November!!!

the Creative Jayne // November-Bundle-Scoop

We are planning to offer our bundle as a PDF file so you can print off as many or as few as you'd like. In the bundle we will have:

An artistic song or Scripture print

Various notecards

A 4-week study

4 coordinating verse cards

A 4-week prayer guide

This month we are focusing on thankfulness and being thankful - for obvious reasons. :) The bundles will be available for $20 each month and we are going to set up an auto-payment system or you can buy one month at a time on Etsy.

So, SURPRISE! I have been waiting to collaborate with Kenna (her Instagram account) on something and I am so excited to share our faith together and with you. This month Kenna will be writing the prayer guide and I will be writing the study. I cannot wait to see how the Lord intertwines our theme and our lessons. It is just really going to be something beautiful to see. If you are interested in being the first to know when it's all ready feel free to comment or to email me at kayla.j.nelson (at) outlook (dot) com. I'd love to have you on board!

Until tomorrow sweet person,
<3 Kayla

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