A Tutorial // a nautical rope lamp

Happy Sunday! I hope your Sunday is as pretty as ours is here; the sun is shining, there's a slight breeze and the temperature is 60 degrees! Yay for fall days. I am trying my best to appreciate and soak up the nice ones as best as possible because I KNOW winter will be here before we know it...

So, I know that I've been super inconsistent on the weekends so far but I am planning to do no posting at all on Saturdays or Sundays as soon as November is here. Weekdays only. That said, Friday I promised an easy tutorial and I looked and looked for my photos yesterday and apparently didn't have them...oops...So I found another easy one to share with you. As I may have mentioned, baby number 3 will be here in January/February time and I have been working on his nursery.

It's coming along so sweetly. Notice the unfinished lamp up there on the right? That's the tutorial I am going to share with you...Only you should be able to finish yours. I ran out of rope...  :)

the Creative Jayne // a tutorial \ a nautical rope lamp

First off, you've gotta find a lamp that you'd like to update. I've had this one for the last five years and I kind of love it but at the same time it just doesn't fit into our decor. I like the size of it and it's a tri-watt so it has different settings and I just haven't been able to let go of it. I saw the idea on Pinterest to cover other things in jute/rope like this and I got some on a whim. I found it at our local hardware store and it was really reasonable. Amazon has a whole bunch of different options though if you want something similar but not quite the same. (this is not an affiliate link, just a convenient one.)

So I began by the cord and I put a line of hot glue along the bottom edge and held it until it felt secure. I continued just wrapping and gluing, putting the glue up close to the previous wrap.

the Creative Jayne // a tutorial \ a nautical rope lamp

You basically just keep wrapping, I didn't want anything to show through just because of the girly pattern since the lamp is going into our boy's room so I kept the layers tight up next to one another.

the Creative Jayne // a tutorial \ a nautical rope lamp

That's as far as I was able to make it. I don't remember how long my section of it was because I opened it previously and used a length of it as a curtain rod in our master bedroom. Oops. I'm pretty sure that I would have had enough had I not used it. I've debated taking our curtains down and using it just to finish but I'm waiting for now. :)

the Creative Jayne // a tutorial \ a nautical rope lamp


There you have it. Here is where it moved to in our nursery. It will be right by the crib and across from a chair for nursing in. It looks pretty good when you can't see the unfinished part...


the Creative Jayne // a tutorial \ a nautical rope lamp

Do you have any favorite tutorials or projects going on in your home?

I hope you have a fantastic Sunday afternoon!
<3 Kayla

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