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From the very beginning of my posts I have shared about God moving through my business to work in me and I shared a little bit about how I am focusing on serving ministries and people in ministry and I thought that today I would show you what that looks like...

Approximately three-ish years ago I was asked to help design a website for the church that my parents go to. I am in NO way a web designer but having put together a site for myself I figured no big deal. They wanted something that they would be able to take over and update easily, reasonably and without coding. That was no problem, that's what I needed for myself so I just pitched the same thing to them. They went for it and this is how their site turned out:

the Creative Jayne // website share

It turned out pretty well. Especially for my first one. They chose to keep it up and not pay me for any kind of upkeep which is fine. I brought their chosen person up to speed and he in turn instructed whomever else needed to know.

Just recently I had another church approach me to do some design work for them. They have a pre-existing website but the person they had it designed through no longer attends church there and they wanted to update. They heard that I had done the above website and checked in with me. I accepted the job and we are working on getting the first proofs worked through. I design a color scheme, logo and a couple sample home pages to start off with and pass it along. They take it, analyze, discuss, whatever they do with the proofs and get back to me. This is our initial proof:

UCC Logo

UCC Logo2

UCC Logo3

We started with these color schemes and logos. I hand drew the crosses and scanned them in and made them workable for any kind of program that they might use.

UCC Web Design Proposal

UCC Web Design Proposal2

UCC Web Design Proposal3

And these home page proposals. The church image will have to be replaced, I took a screen shot of their current website just to use in the proposal. At this point I am just waiting to hear back on their thoughts, ideas, possible changes and updates and we will go from there. Once we get the homepage squared away and a color scheme and logo they like I will proceed to getting the actual website hosted and laid out. It ends up being a long process waiting to hear back when they have a whole board of people to go through but it's a very enjoyable process for me. There isn't a lot of pressure to get everything done right away. I don't take my time when I get their changes, I update as quickly as possible which usually ends up getting a proof back to them that same day but the process is just a nice, relaxed one for me.

What do you think? Which is your favorite?

Another little tidbit that I'm working on is this:

the Creative Jayne // In Progress \ a coffee table album

Aren't they cute?! A wedding that I double dutied in this spring and Kenna worked the rest of it. Doing a coffee table album for them. It's really going to be a fun piece. Ignore my dusty key board, I keep meaning to get one of those air spray cans and forget...I'll have to write it down. :)

And that cute little print up there? That's from Anchored Heart Company. She has the cutest items. I won her Instagram give-away so, that was fun. Feel free to head over and check out her shop!!!

Well, that about does it for today. Hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of my work in progress...Come back tomorrow for a little more about what I'm working on!
<3 Kayla

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