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Hey there friend! So yesterday I shared a little about my current project that is kind of ongoing, today I want to share with you a monthly client of mine!

You've seen these girls before:

Karar Student Company_197

They're just so lovely. I loved doing their portraits so much.

My friend Holly is an all around exquisite beauty both inside and out. She does amazing things with teaching these girls. Holly first came to me for a simple program I believe and from there our client/work relationship turned into designing her a website, a logo, flyers, ads and so on. It has been such fun to work with her. She is one of those people with whom you can never do anything wrong. Even if you are in the wrong, Holly is so very gracious. If you live in the Polk County area, head over to her website for class information:

Screenshot 2014-10-22 07.56.06

If you don't live in the Polk County area but would be interested in seeing Holly and her girls perform she is available for bookings! She takes these three beauties with her on the road - her student company - and they do performances for churches, missions events, family events and so much more. You can find more information on that here...

Here are a few more of the portraits from our fun little session:

Karar Student Company_195

Karar Student Company_92

Karar Student Company_184

Karar Student Company_109

Karar Student Company_68

Karar Student Company_80

Karar Student Company_102

Karar Student Company_12

Karar Student Company_7

I have such fun working with these girls and with Holly. I keep up her website monthly or whenever she sends me information that needs updating. It really is a fun partnership in that. :)

In honor of the grace a beauty of these girls enjoy yourselves a free printable:

the Creative Jayne // Dance Printable

Have a happy Wednesday, as Pooh would say!
<3 Kayla

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