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So, as I have eluded in previous posts - mostly in the very beginning of the month - I have been dealing with a case of identity crisis. Not in a crazy, dive off the deep end way but in the, I just can't seem to be joyful or find confidence way. I shared most about it when I shared about my sweet friend Kenna. I'm not going to share any more about it here today, but head over to Tirzah Magazine and read my guest post today! I share the beginning of my identity crisis and what my Heavenly Father has shown me along the way.

I mention in there that the whole identity thing lead me to write a devotional journal on God's love. " In March, I began to write a devotional journal about the love of God, and let me tell you, doing so revealed so much to me." I wanted to share that journal with you today. I am very excited about its production and development and can't wait to show you!

the Creative Jayne Merchandise_12 the Creative Jayne Merchandise_13 the Creative Jayne Merchandise_14 the Creative Jayne Merchandise_15

There it is. The books are 8.5x5.5 with the covers being just slightly larger. The cover is printed on a heavy, soft felt-weave paper, trimmed, scored and folded my myself. The inside pages are printed on 20# soft white also folded by me. The books are each bound with three gold staples along the spine also done by myself. I love being able to put my own hand to the production of these to keep the cost down as well as making it a little more personal to me.

It is my hope that this devotional journal will be the first of a series of four consisting of Fall into His: Love, Grace, Joy and Peace. I wanted to use this one as my beta piece though. Right now I have one available in Etsy but if I get a lot of response about it I may take pre-orders for more!

Each day is laid out with a verse and then some heart-thoughts on the scripture, a prayer to get you started and almost a whole page to journal your thoughts, feelings, a continued prayer or whatever it is that you need for the day. There are thirty days of study and they build upon one another and become more challenging as the book progresses.

There will be a journal in an upcoming giveaway that I am planning to host at the end of the month! Oh my goodness, that is next week already!!! Wowzer! Watch for the giveaway late next week and be sure to enter!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post at and the little bit about who I am at my core.
<3 Kayla


  1. The book turned out great!!!

  2. Thanks! I keep forgetting I owe you one since I never got a proofing one to you. :( One is in your future, belieeeeeve me!!!! :)

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