Coffee Talk // our first deep chat

Yesterday I sat down and planned out the rest of the topics for my remaining days of the Write 31 Days challenge. You can see the upcoming topics on my Finding Jayne page. I was originally planning on doing two more days of talking about branding but as I sat down to begin writing out today's post I just was not satisfied. Today's and tomorrows were going to end up repeating one another and being really short and shallow and I just felt a pull to pause the info about my design and go a little deeper under the skin of it.

You will notice that I have a few posts labeled Coffee Talk. I want these posts to be intimate, deep and meaningful as if you were sitting down with a friend to have a cup of coffee and share your hurts or your struggles or the really big God things going on in your life.


My thought was confirmed as I was reading yesterday's entry in a study that I'm doing with a sweet friend of mine. We are going to have our coffee talk about it tomorrow, but it inspired me to write to you today. I am going through the book Salvaging My Identity by Rachel Lovingood & Jennifer Mills with a friend who is facing her freshman year of college. It has been amazing. Eye opening and refreshing and has coincided with what I have been facing and working through as only God can lead.Yesterday was talking about your looks and how we need to focus less on outside than we are focusing on the inside. We need to care for our inside beauty so much more actively than on the outside. While it is so important to care for our bodies, God doesn't want us to lose sight of Him in the meantime.

I am guest posting on and as I was writing the article for that it just became so clear to me that up until the last year I was SO focused on just the face of my business, the look of it. Colors, fonts and images it was completely shallow. There was no meat to it, nothing to support it but once I latched onto the fact that I wanted a mission for Jesus in my business it began to take shape, to grow some depth to it and things began happening for it. I finally had clarity. At the same time I began facing those things in myself as well. The junk was finally coming to the surface and I was weeding things out of my life as I weeded them out of my business.

The Creative Jayne is so closely knit to my soul now that I have wrapped it around working for the Lord and not for show or success. I have BECOME the Creative Jayne. I am so proud of how it is growing, what I am learning and how it is drawing me closer to my Heavenly Father and THAT is ultimately what I want for my business. I am so thankful that I finally have clear direction and am learning so much about myself while weeding all of the ick out of my life and my business. I feel clear, I feel joy, I feel depth that I haven't felt in a long time and that is largely because I have spent time studying God's word to find ME. I finally turned to him to ask, "what am I supposed to be?"

While I had to let go of certain things, he never made me let go of my dream. He made me cling to it reminding me that he wants me to have dreams, he wants to give me the desires of my heart. I found that once I presented them to him and once I let him have control of it and really dug deep for him everything started to fall into place. Opportunities have opened up just slowly enough not to be overwhelming but beneficial. I am so excited to see where God leads and how my dreams come true over the years.

the Creative Jayne free printable verse card

Another verse printable, laid out the same way. Feel free to download and share.

What are your dreams that you need to offer up to your Heavenly Father? I'd love to be praying along with you for those dreams to come true.
<3 Kayla


  1. Love what I'm reading. And the coffee talk idea/button. So good! Praising Gid for what He is doing in your life!!! Beautiful art!

  2. Thank you, I thought it would be kind of a neat thing to do for my blog. I like the idea of connecting deeper through my work and what I do.

  3. […] am also enjoying thoroughly the study that I mentioned in our last talk, Salvaging my Identity. It is so applicable, I think every young woman should go through it, […]

  4. Beautiful post, my dream is freedom. A secure freedom to travel, explore and write. I have no idea what that looks like but it has been a dream I haven't shared with anyone other than my husband before

  5. That's awesome, thanks for sharing! I am sure you will find the meaning of that dream soon enough. It's always so hard to wait on God's timing but he for sure knows better than we do!