The Final Branding Post

At the very beginning of my journey to rebranding and renaming and re-identifying myself I began seeing branding boards on Pinterest. They are neat little graphics that have the logo at the top, the brand colors, the type faces as well as some signatures, sometimes social media buttons and maybe some inspire photographs. Some of them have patterns and textures as well. You can see some on my board "inspire me \ branding".

I decided I wanted to do that for myself. So I made one for each of the business names that I have had…I don't have them anymore but I do have the one that I am currently working from. I know that yesterday I talked about how most importantly you need to have "meat" in what you do; you need to be more beautiful on the inside than the outside or at least more concentrated on your inner beauty but today I am going to talk about the outer beauty of my business.

As a beginning step to all businesses, they need something eye-catching, something that is going to bring customers in the door, clients to their website and so on. In this day and age there is so much beauty available that it sometimes can be nearly impossible to choose what the right fit is. As business owners that's why it is so important for us to make a "face" for our business that reflects what we are so clearly, particularly as a designer or artist. You want something that represents you well, something that reflects what KIND of a designer or artist you are. Not that it is bad if the "wrong" client comes to you but it makes it easier for the client themselves to know up front, "yep, you're the one I've been waiting for."

I feel comfortable now that I know that there is inner beauty to my business to work harder on my outer business beauty. Baby steps if you will. I shared my branding board with you the other day but I have updated it only slightly since:

Branding Board

As I have done more and more pieces for my blog here I developed certain graphics that I really like to use. Ones that I am finding I repeat through my work and I felt like I needed to incorporate them into my branding so I made them into patterns that I may use. What do you think? I kind of love them. I have them on journal covers that I am working on developing!

I am feeling more and more confident in my branding and I am just loving the colors more and more. There are a lot of colors there but I never use them all in one place, I mix and match as I need to. I think it is going to make producing my pieces a little easier.

What patterns do you like to use for your business? What kind of a feel to you want it to have?

Thanks for reading!
<3 Kayla


  1. Love your new patterns!!! What an awesome idea!!

  2. I love it! Having rebranded myself only earlier this year, I know how hard there is so much to decide on. I love your logo and brand style, looks great and welcoming! Also love your font combo!

  3. Thank you again! I feel like I keep saying that. :) It really can be hard, so many options out there. <3