Branding Jayne

Yesterday I talked about smashing myself into a book to find my name, today I want to share about making my branding. This too is still a work in process. I am really trying to nail down my colors still but I feel that I have finally come to terms with my style of design. What I like to make, look at and use. A key tool in discovering my style has been Pinterest! It of course can be a huge time-waste but if you sit down with a goal in mind, Pinterest really can work for you.

I have a tendency to do a lot of research on a topic before I jump in, particularly if it is a client project. Pinterest has helped incredibly here. Take a quick look at my boards...

Screenshot 2014-10-08 12.21.26

For me, I had to split them up, make them into a file cabinet of sorts. I decided what I wanted to put under each category: Family, home, inspire me, for fun, parties, style and a few other miscellaneous ones. I am going to focus on just the "Inspire Me" set today. I began a board called inspire me \ branding to collect everything that I loved. It has since turned into actual branding that I love, but in the very beginning it was an eclectic mix of things to reveal my "pattern". In all honesty, my pattern changes with the seasons. The only things that I am finding actually carry through are kraft paper, the color purple (like the deep purple, not grape/Barney purple), olive green, terracotta pots, baskets, crocheted lace, canvas bags, coffee, cameras and rustic/vintage pieces.

I am really still struggling to settle on my colors but as far as making a logo goes that's the key thing. Colors can come and go but if your logo doesn't stay consistent then neither will your clients or readers. I am beginning to think that I just need to make up my mind. Do you ever get that? I fluctuate through things so quickly and change with the wind that it makes it hard for me to understand myself. If I begin to be decisive and make solid decisions I think things will be easier for me to finally be content with my style. So, today, right now this is my commitment to being more decisive. I have chosen the colors that I will stick with:

color swatches

Don't worry, I won't use them all at once but they will flow throughout my work. Hold me to this! :) I grabbed a few miscellaneous photos from around my house to help my confidence build in this decision, see a pattern?

2014-09-21 13.09.57

2014-09-22 09.20.21

2014-09-22 13.57.31

So, there we go, decision made. My colors are official therein completing my branding. Thanks for the help! So, here it is all put together:

the Creative Jayne Official Branding

I would love to know you managed to brand yourself and settle on your colors.
Thanks for hangin out!
<3 Kayla

I felt compelled to do an update to this post, I didn't want to go through and make changes, I just wanted to add a key ingredient into my branding process. I cannot leave out the fact that this has all been from the Lord's leading. Without him, I would have no vision as to what I want to do or what I am about. He has been the main ingredient to my discovery of myself and it is only because it has made me draw near to him. Here is the verse that He has given me to ride along with:

Zephaniah 3:17 // a clear path to my branding

Feel free to click the photo above, it is linked to a document in Google Drive and you can save it, print it and share it with friends if you'd like. The document is set to a regular letter sized sheet and you can just cut it into quarters.

So, that clears things up, makes me feel better about my post and gives glory where it's due. Hope you enjoy the printable!


  1. I like the terra-cotta, green apple and plum together. :) That is a beautiful printable. Thanks!

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  3. Beautiful colors! Olive and plum? Gorgeous!