Warm & Coztea Exchange

 Here are the rules for the Tea exchange -please be considerate and abide by them:

1. Your package MUST include some kind of tea, cocoa or coffee.

2. $15-$25 limit (not including postage) on the packages so that no one will feel shorted or ripped off if you pour a lot into a package and get something humble in return.

3. You need to keep your partner a secret. It really is super fun that way. Be sure to connect with me on Instagram @Kayla_J_Nelson and use the hashtag, #warmandcoztea to share your excitement with others and connect with your swap partner!

4. Take heed of this one, this is probably the MOST important one of all, packages MUST be mailed by JANUARY 20TH to ensure that everyone gets theirs. There is no way for me to keep you accountable other than just being very clear that it is so unfair of you to get a package and never send one. Be sure that when you ship you get a tracking number. They are free if you use the USPS. Get it and watch it.

5. Please be subscribed to The Accidental Nomad Life blog, like my Facebook page and be a part of the Facebook group

***US residents only please. Shipping rates are pretty wild to go overseas. Thank you!!!

Be social with us on Instagram and post about the exchange #warmandcozteaexchange and #warmandcoztea, here are a couple of images that you can download and save to post:

warm-and-coztea-exchange-social-media-image1      warm-and-coztea-exchange-social-media-image2           


US registrants only, please.

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If you are interested in co-hosting the Tea Exchange with me, I would love to have you, please send me an email and your media kit and I will get back to you ASAP! Co-hosts must be chosen by December 15th. (Exception for 2017 exchange due to late planning on my part - this year we'll push it up to January 3rd.)

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