The book of Job Study Club | Passage 7 |

It feels like ages since I've opened the book of Job, or even my Bible, for that matter...I had been relying on my phone for notifications and when my phone upgraded, I stopped getting my daily verse and I've been a little dry since then.
I debated about continuing with Job, or beginning something new, but I decided that if I didn't finish Job, there was no reason to begin another book that I wouldn't finish, so I chose to press on to the end!

This passage was a bit shorter. Only one chapter, and it was only 22 verses, so it was an easy one to pick up and get through. It was interesting to read through too, and try to comprehend what was going on.

What is Bildad reminding Job of in this passage?

I believe that he is trying to remind Job of God's goodness and faithfulness, and how Job has seen all of this before now. It's still true, no matter how low Job gets.

What is he rebuking Job for?

I think in a round about way, Bildad is rebuking Job for all of the sudden seeming faithless and giving up hope. Job's focus has gone from how good God is, to himself, what he might have done wrong and how miserable he is. His focus has shifted from above to earth, and I feel like Bildad knows that and is trying to get Job to realize that too.

Is Bildad being loving or condescending to Job?

While I would feel like he was being condescending to me by the things that he was saying, I really believe he was trying to be loving. It either didn't come out right, or the way of talking back then was much more harsh and realistic than now. I think Bildad was loving on Job in the best way he could while being frustrated that Job was stuck in such a deep pity party.

Would you want a friend to talk to you like this in your struggle?

I definitely want a friend to be real with me like this and give me a dose of reality, but I feel like I would need more gentle words. Bildad was being real, he was being honest, and he was being a reliable friend by trying to help Job fix his focus. Was his way harsh? Yea, kind of - but I think overall he meant the best for it. And he knew Job, perhaps that's what Job needed and Bildad knew that.

How can you relate to what Bildad is saying to Job?

At verse 12, I began to feel sympathy for Job and a little bit angry at Bildad, for the harsh words that he was using, but as I got further into it, I could see what was going on a bit better. I related to Job's forgetting God's faithfulness, it's so easy to loose sight of His goodness when we are struggling.

But we get to verse 20, and Bildad is more clearly being uplifting and encouraging in his words to Job. I love what he said in verse 21: "He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting..."

It's so true. When we remember, and focus on our Heavenly Father, and his faithfulness, we can quickly recapture the joy that he graciously gives us,and although it may not be laughter that we are filled with, he will grant us peace, or patience, or whatever it might be that we are lacking.

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